What’s the ROI of Centralized Content Management?

The ROI of centralized content management is driven by the reduction in resources required to create, manage and deliver content effectively, as well as the ability to maintain control of — and access to — content once it's been delivered.

Managing large volumes of content presents challenges for any organization. When that content is decentralized — across departments, devices, products, regions, etc. — effectively managing all those individual pieces of content quickly becomes unsustainable. 

Centralizing content management with a Component Content Management System (CCMS) like Xyleme provides a single source of truth, which drives significant savings in both time and resources when individual pieces of content need to be found, updated, republished or reused. 

The ROI of centralized content management is significant. When content is centralized, organizations can manage, tag & version content in one place — no more searching multiple LMSs, file shares or individual laptops for the latest content versions. Centralized content management also makes it easy to integrate content created in outside applications, such as Captivate or Storyline, without duplication. 

Of course, it doesn’t matter how good your content is if you — or your content teams, employee learners, customers, channel partners, franchisees, etc. — can’t find it. 

Powerful, granular metadata, built-in searching and tagging, and the ability to filter content by role, region, product, language, and more are vital to making sure content can easily be found and accessed at the point of need. 

“With Xyleme, we can make real-time updates that go out to our learners as soon as they are published, whereas we could previously only push updates to learners quarterly. We can also now ‘turn off’ client files. Before Xyleme, once our course files were with our clients, we had no control. Now, they get updates in real time and we can turn files off if a contract is not renewed.” – National Finance Association 

One of the key contributors to the ROI of centralized content management is control — control of your content both internally and externally, from being able to lock content down to prevent unauthorized edits, to being able to “turn off” access to content on a customer’s LMS or other external server once a contract has expired. 

Centralizing content management (even while operating across disparate teams, job sites, and time zones) paves the way for huge efficiencies, making it easy to find and reuse content where appropriate, and to ensure consistency and accuracy across every single iteration and deliverable.  

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Watch a recent webinar on Optimizing Content Operations to learn how adopting a future-proof approach to enterprise content management is critical for long-term sustainability and success at scale. 

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