Content Personalization Doesn’t Have to be Scary

Do content personalization horror stories keep you up at night?
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Content personalization presents many potential perils and pitfalls. Let’s take a closer look at 3 of the most pervasive content personalization horror stories — and how you can escape these terrible (and all too common) fates. 

Buried Alive by Content

One of the most common content personalization horror stories becomes all-but-inevitable when operating at scale — being buried alive by thousands upon thousands of different content deliverables and publications in different formats, designed for different channels and use cases.

The sheer volume of content eventually becomes so large it literally buries content teams, rendering them unable to manage — let alone maintain — all of those pieces of content effectively.

It becomes impossible for content teams to dig themselves out. 

But never fear! Xyleme CCMS powers reuse through linked content components, with personalized contextual content added where needed, so updates can be made once and pushed everywhere with a few clicks.

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Haunted by Phantom Versions

Even if you are able to manage and maintain large volumes of personalized content, how can you be certain that every individual piece is up to date?

In highly-regulated industries, content teams are often haunted by phantom versions of content — versions that can’t be found because they are saved on an old file share system (or worse, someone’s individual computer,) or because there are simply too many instances to keep track of, and human error leads to one (or even many) being lost or overlooked.

Regardless of how or why phantom versions occur, content that is out-of-date and out of compliance because the source file can’t be found and therefore hasn’t been kept up-to-date present real risk to organizations that have to demonstrate compliance with regulatory bodies and standards.

One outdated training document can cost hundreds of thousands, if not million of dollars in audits, fines non-compliance penalties

It’s enough to push someone over the edge! 

Thankfully, Xyleme CCMS makes it easy to quickly see every individual document, presentation, training module, on-the-job resource or other deliverable where content related to a specific regulation or standard is used. 

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Unable to Escape Your LMS

Overcoming the first two content personalization horror stories doesn’t mean you’re out of the woods yet!

Personalized content experiences aren’t just about the content itself — the delivery channel and format are also critical pieces of the puzzle. 

Once you’re able to personalize content at scale effectively (and also update and maintain all those versions efficiently), you still have to deliver all that personalized content in the flow of work, anywhere your users want to access it — and in the correct format for each channel — in order to provide a truly personalized content experience.

But what if you’re trapped by your LMS and can’t break free to deliver content via a wide variety of channels — let alone channels that haven’t been invented yet — without losing control of the content itself?

With Xyleme, you don’t have to fear the limitations of your LMS! 

Xyleme CCMS not only future-proofs your content and makes it easy to deliver it anywhere your users need it, it is also designed to integrate with any other tool or platform you may already be using

From authoring tools and learning experience platforms (LXPs) to learning management systems (LMSs… yes, even multiple LMSs) and business intelligence tools, Xyleme supercharges your content tech stack and empowers content teams to escape these terrifying content personalization horror stories to easily and efficiently create, manage, and deliver truly personalized content experiences at scale. 

Content personalization got you spooked?

Schedule a free consultation with a content personalization specialist to discuss content strategy, your unique content challenges, and how Xyleme can help. 

Schedule a free consultation with a content personalization specialist to discuss content strategy, your unique content challenges, and how Xyleme can help. 

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