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End-to-End Enterprise Content Solutions for Learning, Training & Education

Streamline and Modernize Your
Digital and Print Experiences

Xyleme’s industry-leading content management solutions make it easy for content teams to author, publish, manage, deliver, reuse & personalize even the most complex global content libraries.
Reduce content development time by 30%
Save 40% or more
on translation costs
Reduce content maintenance time by 50%

The Future of Enterprise Content Management

Xyleme provides a single source of truth, centralizing the entire learning, training & education content lifecycle & empowering organizations to create dynamic, reusable content, personalize it at scale, deliver it anywhere & measure its impact.

Xyleme Empowers Organizations to Take
Control of Content Chaos

We work with the biggest brands in the world to solve their content problems.

Content Solutions Across the Organization

Simplifying Content Creation, Management & Delivery

Create Once, Publish Everywhere

Author proprietary learning, training & education content components once in a flexible XML format & easily create & assemble any number of formats or output types & publish to any channel with responsive designs optimized for any device, format, or language. 

Easily Reuse & Personalize Content at Scale

Reuse and personalize content for global audiences down to the component level by linking single-source content — not copying & pasting — to allow limitless customization without starting from scratch each time or creating a maintenance burden.

Establish a Single Source of Truth for Your Team

Centralize content creation, management and maintenance with collaborative review sessions and real-time feedback, so proprietary organizational learning, training and education content can be created, updated and deployed more quickly. 

Want to see Xyleme in Action?

"Modular content is the root of our adaptability for rapid & agile distribution — it’s huge for our business — and centralized management of branding for our outputs has been a game changer for us."
David Wallis
Cisco Stealthwatch

Unlock the Power of Your Content

From content creation & personalization to delivery, maintenance & measurement,
Xyleme centralizes & streamlines learning, training &; education content management

Award-Winning Services & Support

We are proud to offer our customers more than just best-in-class technology tools. Our expert Services & Support Teams specialize in working closely with our partners to ensure a streamlined onboarding and training process, and offering ongoing consulting and support services throughout the life of the partnership. At Xyleme, we are committed to your success.

Xyleme has been recognized by Deloitte, Brandon Hall Group, Bersin™ & Training Magazine
for excellence in products, learning design & innovation.

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