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Xyleme is the most trusted intelligent LCMS platform for the development, management, delivery, and syndication of content, at scale.

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Unlock easy authoring, publishing, and personalization at scale.
Publish content to Word, PowerPoint, PDF, HTML5, SCORM 1.2, and SCORM 2004, or directly to XML to feed your own internal downstream publishing systems.
Get an accurate and objective picture of your content's engagement, performance, and sentiment.
Deploy your content from a single source of truth.
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What our customers say about us

Allina Health
I estimate we have cut content development time by 66% simply by being able to easily reuse what’s already been created.
Xyleme overall is leaps and bounds above what IBM gave us through Kenexa LCMS, and the customer support from Xyleme is excellent.
Bridge Academy
Xyleme enabled us to take a 240 hour a week distribution effort down to 5 hours a week.
Charter Spectrum Communications
The ability to tackle our distribution challenges and have clear visibility into where our critical proprietary content lived delivered a significant ROI for Charter.
Delivering stuff where you need it, when you need it on a variety of channels. We're able to do this much more broadly and efficiently than we ever could before.
Christus Health
Xyleme Syndicate gives us the freedom and flexibility we need… it has been a huge success at our institution and a big component of our tech stack. It’s easily searchable and reportable, and it’s easily available to all the 40,000 CHRISTUS associates, as well as the non-employee associates, we serve.
Cisco Secure
Xyleme, with its robust analytics, allows us to provide insights to our various stakeholders. The integration with Tableau has been instrumental in showing dashboards in a curated way for each group.
Dunkin’ Brands
With Xyleme's single source content solution, Dunkin' Brands centralized its content and developed efficient processes to communicate updates to franchise managers.
Xyleme is easy to use and allows us to focus on making the content better. For me, the savings is perpetual.
Xyleme is literally the best vendor on the planet. Your responsiveness, your customer community…The Best.
Before, when a Gas Standard changed, we had to rely on the knowledge of the team to remember where all instances of that Gas Standard are referenced in our content. Today, with a few clicks, we can produce a report that shows every piece of content that has been associated with that Gas Standard, with links, and document information.
Penn State
Xyleme allows us to easily export content for online or classroom consumption, so we maintain just one set of content for each topic. It is our single source for content management.
Relias Learning
The look and feel [we achieved with Xyleme] is exactly what we needed for acute market customers and mobile responsiveness. This is key to the big picture of our business.
Rogers Communications
Content components are shape-shifting agile Lego blocks! The process was very agile and time efficient. In addition, there is a huge potential for reuse that does not even need to involve developers: I can swap out the images in the component myself, and, voilà, it’s a totally different look!
Choosing Xyleme as our core authoring tool has allowed us to switch from purely technical based courses, to personalized role-based experiences all while streamlining and keeping up with rapid product releases.
Customers love the format, function and simplicity of navigation and interaction that is meaningful and not distracting. Ease of access in the same portal with all of their other content is a huge benefit.
Xyleme really helped us build a cohesive content ecosystem where we can share across different lines of business and modalities. They have been a great partner for us.
Our lab guides are dynamic and constantly changing with each release. We spend a lot of time just updating the same information in many different places.
Wells Fargo
Xyleme’s platform and the templates we have created have been outstanding. With 200+ content authors developing content, it was the only way we could provide content with creativity and variance without sacrificing scale.

We help enterprise L&D teams scale and deliver

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Reduction in content development time
Reduction in content maintenance time
Savings on translation costs
Author • Publish • Deliver • Analyze

The unified solution for scalable enterprise content management

When more content isn’t enough, content control becomes paramount. Our platform enables true digital content governance while enhancing productivity and ROI. Tame the content jungle with a platform-based lattice that controls your enterprise content management chaos, and makes every content object measurable.

Intelligent LCMS
Data • Analytics • AI

Your content intelligence hub

Drive your organization forward into next-gen learning content applications with an intelligent control center for content operations. Our Elevate platform enables enterprise data access, control, and navigation across a dynamic content map to the future.

Content AI
Data access
Author • Develop • Deploy

Leverage your content like it’s code

Xyleme is the content development platform for today’s critical learning deliverables and tomorrow’s essential human transformation objectives. It’s like GitHub for your proprietary, mission critical skills and learning content. Check in, assess content, update it once, and deliver it everywhere.

Content review
Deliver • Measure • Integrate

Content Ops is where delivery and measurement meet

We go beyond LCMS to intelligent content management (ICMS) by synthesizing the power of all your mission critical knowledge regardless of format, type, shape, or size. Leveraging real-time LRS data to provide ROI insights across your content supply chain that feed all the way back to better decisions upstream gives you a competitive advantage.

LMS support

Unlock human capital

The speed of knowledge transfer drives human transformation
Match people to the right content with the sort of fluid, dynamic content delivery that can flow and adapt to your enterprise needs all the time. Content this flexible adapts, taking on the best format for the job. Xyleme helps scale the human nodes in the operating system of today’s most dynamic companies, organizations, and publishers.

Learning transformation = challenging the status quo

Today’s content design won’t meet tomorrow’s needs
Break down content silos and deliver content when and where it is needed. To keep pace today, learning must be orchestrated, matching learners with content across live, self-paced, coaching, and on-the-go support to keep their skills aligned with the scale and changing needs of the organization.

Don’t let your content control you

Take control of your content
Your proprietary content is a mission-critical business asset, and most organizations struggle to keep content up-to-date and in-sync. Start managing your content with full visibility and tracking of status, versions, delivery, and consumption.

Seamless software integrations

Connect, collaborate, and automate with the Xyleme’s extensive library of integrations. Our platform seamlessly integrates with popular software, empowering you to streamline workflows and maximize productivity.

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Ready to unleash the power of your content?

Xyleme is the only unified solution for content authoring, management, delivery, personalization, and syndication at scale.

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