Content should be accessible
to everyone

At Xyleme, our aim is to empower people
regardless of ability or situation
"Choosing Xyleme as our core authoring tool has allowed us to extend our training content beyond the traditional, technical-based courses to personalized, role-based experiences, all while streamlining and keeping up with rapid product releases.”

Making it easy to build accessible content in Xyleme Create

Content should be accessible to everyone. At Xyleme, making content accessible to learners is our top priority. We help teams create content that conforms to industry best practices as defined in the WCAG 2.1 and ATAG 2.0 (Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines).

Because building accessible content in Xyleme Create relies on the choices made by the instructional designer and content creator, we are working on a suite of features and auditing tools to help you build more accessible content, including:

  • Providing in-app tools, education, and controls to help you make accessible choices
  • Creating checklists to help guide authors in making accessible content
  • Making outputs screen-reader-accessible and keyboard-operable

Making our product accessible to everyone

We want to empower people regardless of ability or situation to build and design content within our product suite. We are extending platform improvements to support:

  • High-contrast mode
  • Proper heading structure
  • Color contrast
  • Text size
  • Easier ways to click through our platform
Everyone at Xyleme is part of our accessibility promise

We are committed to designing new features and auditing tools that make it easier to create accessible content, enhancing our internal product design process to make accessibility a core requirement of all new development, and providing internal training to better educate our team to meet industry standards in everything we do, from marketing, to support materials, to platform design

Accessibility is a feature that is becoming increasingly important in the workplace, and it’s something we should all be thinking about as we create learning content.
Content accessibility has become a business imperative, and content teams are at the forefront of the effort to support accessibility across the enterprise.
Check out our free guide for best practices on content accessibility.
At Xyleme, we are committed to ongoing innovation and improvement across our platform and service offerings, and we will continue to share new accessibility news and resources as they become available.

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