Use cases

Unify, centralize, and standardize your platform

Xyleme makes it easy to:

  • Engage, develop, and retain employees more effectively.
  • Enhance participation rates, improve knowledge retention, and increase customer satisfaction.
  • Deliver on-the-job resources and performance support on any device, anywhere workers need to access it.
  • Deliver both free and premium training content and certification programs.
  • Meet the product content needs of diverse stakeholders and business use cases.
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Workforce learning and development
Establish a single source of truth for onboarding, skills development, and assessments
Xyleme provides a single source of truth for both structured and unstructured training and skills development content - from onboarding and procedural training and assessments to leadership and soft skills development, and everything in between.

Slash development, publishing, and launch time for new courses and programs
You can simplify content creation, collaboration, and review with a centralized, reuse-driven authoring platform and content repository—complete with a library of built-in interactivities—making it easy for learning and development teams to quickly create, publish, and deliver new learning content. 

Simplify maintenance to keep content accurate and in sync at scale
For keeping content in sync with new company strategies, products, market dynamics, and business drivers, update content once at the component level and easily push it to all channels and experiences—HTML5, SCORM, web pages and portals, IoT apps, chat bots, PowerPoint, Word, and PDF. 

Incorporate built-in interactivities and assessments
Built-in question types and assessment behavior options, including timed assessments, test-out, adaptive learning, and proctored exams, make it easy to create everything from knowledge checks to high-stakes testing.​ 

Support flexible and collaborative content authoring
The collaborative cloud-based XML authoring environment that allows authors and subject matter experts (SMEs) to check out content for review and provide feedback.

Customer training and product education
Performance support and field service operations
Product and skills certification
Product documentation

Ready to unleash the power of your content?

Xyleme is the only unified solution for content authoring, management, delivery, personalization, and syndication at scale. 

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