Healthcare technology, biotech, and pharmaceutical providers

Power the digital transformation of the healthcare content

Xyleme empowers healthcare technology, biotech, and pharmaceutical organizations to streamline content management, simplify personalization, and localization at scale to ensure accuracy, consistency, and compliance across the extended enterprise.

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Onboard, mobilize, engage, and retain employees
Xyleme allows organizations to educate, onboard, and retrain employees as needed to reduce time to value, drive engagement, and keep dispersed teams up-to-date, all while ensuring accuracy and compliance.

Provide omnichannel distribution and tracking
You can syndicate content when and where it's needed—regardless of how many unique audiences, channels, and brands you serve—and gain comprehensive usage data to simplify regulatory audits.

Support certification and compliance
Your team can track comprehensive assessment results for certification management and view detailed reports on content development, version history, and consumption to support compliance. 

Improve content processes to get updates out faster
With the help of Xyleme, reduce development, update, and deployment time to provide your audiences with consistent experiences and up-to-date information across the extended organization.

Other features:

Omnichannel delivery
Collaboration across teams
Robust built-in security
Conditional searching and filtering
Translation management
Third-party tool integration

Ready to unleash the power of your content?

Xyleme is the only unified solution for content authoring, management, delivery, personalization, and syndication at scale.

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