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Content Personalization: What is it & Why is it so Hard at Scale?

Overcoming 3 Main Challenges to Personalization According to eLearning Industry, 77% Of L&D Professionals Think Personalized Learning Is Vital To Employee Engagement and 94% Of Businesses Say Personalization Is Critical To Their Success. What is Content Personalization, anyway? Not to be confused with adaptive learning or recommendation engines, which monitor a user’s history and suggest content and learning paths based on their individual progress or

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The Building Block Approach to Content Strategy

Bringing Reuse & Flexibility to Enterprise Content Management Relying on traditional processes and “rapid” authoring tools is no longer an efficient or effective way to manage large volumes of content. Creating each deliverable from scratch, trapping content into restrictive formats, and allowing content to reside in multiple incompatible tools or

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Centralized v. Decentralized Content Management

Pros, Cons & Getting the Best of Both Worlds Regardless of the type of content being created, the debate over the benefits of centralization versus decentralization is a pervasive one. On the one hand, centralization can provides consistency and visibility across the organization. Decentralization, on the other hand, can enable

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Understanding the Learning Technology Ecosystem

What is a Learning Technology Ecosystem? As many companies move to remote working environments for the first time, the technology components of the learning ecosystem are becoming more important than ever before. A Learning Technology Ecosystem is made up of the tools and platforms that an organization uses to create, deliver, manage, deliver and

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Our Tips for Balancing Kids & Working from Home

Tips for Balancing Working & Parenting from Home Who remembers this video from a few years back of a BBC News source who was working from home when his kids unexpectedly popped in during the broadcast? There was an unexpected distraction for Professor Robert Kelly when he was being interviewed

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Our Top Tips for Managing from Home

‘Managing from Home’ Tips from Our Experts Working from home is one thing, but what about managing from home? As a dispersed organization with a predominantly remote workforce, we know a thing or two about not only working from home, but managing from home as well.   Managing from home —

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Our Top Tips for Learning from Home

‘Learning from Home’ Tips from Our Experts With unprecedented numbers of people working from home for the first time due to the novel Coronavirus, we?re being bombarded by content geared toward helping people adjust to the WFH lifestyle. But people are doing a lot more than just working from home

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