Dedicated teams in the US and EU
Xyleme’s Services and Support Teams are always available to get on the phone and help identify and implement innovative solutions for our customer’s unique challenges.
Dedicated Relationship Manager
Each Xyleme customer is assigned a dedicated Relationship Manager (who is also a platform expert) to work closely with them throughout the life of the partnership.
Customer training portal
The portal provides quick links to Xyleme information and tools.
Ask the expert forums
Various sessions providing access to experts on dedicated topics, including SCORM, print, web outputs, and our content distribution services.
Open Q&A sessions
Daily open session forum to gain access to our platform experts and gain insight on questions regarding the Xyleme platform.
Core round table
Weekly conversational meeting to collaborate with other Xyleme customers and discuss best practices and the most effective use of the Xyleme platform.
Platform support
Whether you are having trouble logging in, need a password reset, or are experiencing system performance issues, submit a ticket and our support team.

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