10 Essential Questions to Centralize Your Content Repository

At our Jingle & Learn event, we go beyond the basics of content management systems, exploring the advantages of modular design for streamlined content creation, distribution, and management.
10 essential questions webinar
Learning and development (L&D) must evolve into a data-driven, evidence-based function. For L&D to be considered business-critical to the success of an organization, it must definitively show that learning is moving the needle on performance.
Many organizations are looking to modernize their tech stack to drive employee & customer engagement, improve learner experience & outcomes, and build a culture of continuous learning.
We’re all being asked to do more with less. But any significant increase in efficiency — like doubling content development capacity without adding headcount — requires challenging the status quo. In this webinar, Leslie Farinella, Chief Strategy Officer explains how to double your content development output.
In this Training Industry Webinar, Leslie Farinella, Chief Strategy Officer at Xyleme, and other industry leaders gave key insights on how to effectively measure the impact of training to improve your training programs and drive business performance.
L&D has a critical role to play in an employee’s experience, growth, tenure, and success, and yet many enterprises are struggling to provide the scale and speed required to keep up with the requests for new learning programs.   

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