Webinar: It’s Time to Rethink ROI

In this Training Industry Webinar, Leslie Farinella, Chief Strategy Officer at Xyleme, and other industry leaders gave key insights on how to effectively measure the impact of training to improve your training programs and drive business performance.

The convergence of talent intelligence (the practice of gathering and analyzing data of an organization’s workforce to make more informed talent management decisions), skills intelligence (the method of identifying the specific skills and competencies that are most important for success in a given role or industry) and content intelligence (the practice of using data and analytics to optimize content creation and delivery) have the power to drive more meaningful personalized learning journeys and provide valuable insight into how learning is transferred throughout the organization.

In this session, we will explore:

During this interactive session, Leslie explored:

  • How these new datasets can help connect the dots to better design, deliver, and track the learner’s journey
  • How this data can transform how we design and deliver learning

Watch the webinar:

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