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Xyleme works with you, your authors, developers, analysts and data scientists, and that work starts here.

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Build a connected learning and skills ecosystem

Integrations, APIs, analytics, recipes, webhooks — all the tools you need to construct the content future. Elevate provides both documentation and access to our integration platform, Workato.

Train your models, not just your people

Get enterprise-class access to your data, and then explore the future now with our innovation labs. See content intelligence features that deliver actionable insights and analytics on your mission critical content. Even access and deliver fine-tuning data for LLMs. This is next generation L&D.

Drive an intelligent control center for content operations

Manage users and access, find documentation and support for the entire Xyleme platform and suite of APIs, configure the Xyleme platform to your needs, and support your teams by providing in-app performance support.

Analytics dashboards and reporting

Elevate provides a single pane of glass for platform-wide reporting, including learner-side analytics, content analytics, and more. Our intelligent ICMS delivers ROI through better understanding of content resources and utilization, at the component level.

Other features

Elevate base edition included for all Xyleme customers
Analytics views deliver actionable insights
Centralized platform admin too
Comprehensive API documentation
Early access to innovative AI-enabled features (summit edition, coming soon)
Quick links to comprehensive support resources, both Xyleme and customer specific
Content operations hub and dashboard
Integration resources and connections
Get easy access to WIP

Ready to unleash the power of your content?

Xyleme is the only unified solution for content authoring, management, delivery, personalization, and syndication at scale.

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