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Elevate Labs

Whether it’s improved search, content analytics or generative AI, watch this space for API-first content intelligence features.

We recently launched our first AI-powered feature within Create, auto-generating image descriptions for accessibility compliance leveraging Microsoft’s Media Analysis API. 
Other features include:

Deliver content with or without an LMS

Support cloud-based SCORM delivery

Create custom-branded content portals

Facilitate granular content searches

Ensure enterprise-level security

Expand content channel distribution & experience options

Capture robust learner & content performance analytics

Track detailed version histories & usage to facilitate compliance & simplify regulatory audits

“Modular content is the root of our adaptability for rapid and agile distribution — it’s huge for our business — and centralized management of branding for our outputs has been a game changer for us.”

Are you ready to manage your content across experience touch points?

Whether you’re training customers, employees, vendors, or any other audience, empower them to connect with your content anywhere, in any format at any time.
With Xyleme, there is a better way to manage and deliver content.

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