Product Basics

Is Xyleme software installed or hosted?

The software is hosted. All Xyleme modules are offered as SaaS only.

Can I see the software on Xyleme.com?

We host periodic live product demos. Contact us today for a live demo of our product.

Can we buy Studio and Content Delivery Service (CDS) separately?

Yes, the two modules are licensed separately. Studio is used for authoring and publishing learning content. CDS is used for content delivery, is xAPI-enabled and has built-in analytics. Pricing is based on the number of Editors and Learners accessing the system.

What browsers do you support?

We support the latest versions of major browsers as well as iOS and Android devices.

Are there other recommended system requirements?

No.  Xyleme is a hosted application, so users only need a current web browser to access the Xyleme platform.

How is versioning handled?

Whenever you check in content in Studio or publish content to CDS, version history tracks the changes. At any time, you can roll back to a prior version if necessary.

How is metadata supported?

You can add unlimited metadata to any content object. A metadata vocabulary management capability allows you to define and maintain global metadata vocabularies. This allows users to pick metadata values from a list when creating content and when searching in CDS.

Do you support mobile-ready content?

Yes. Our web publishing templates are HTML5-compliant, built using responsive web design methods so content automatically adapts to the device characteristics. You can tailor these to meet your needs or build your own. CDS includes a native mobile App for iOS and Android that allows users to search, browse and experience content. This activity is tracked and reported.

With which learning management systems have you integrated?

We can integrate with any SCORM 2004 or 1.2 certified LMS and have successfully integrated with Cornerstone OnDemand, SuccessFactors, Saba, SumTotal, NetDimensions, Moodle and Blackboard and many others. We support two integration methods: traditional package deployment to the LMS or streamlined deployment via our Content Delivery Service.

Is Single Sign-On supported?

Yes, Single Sign-On, using SAML 2.0, can be used for seamless authentication and automatic account provisioning and group assignment.

Does Xyleme have an open API?

Yes, you can build or integrate your own learning apps with Xyleme’s REST-based API, which provides for user, group and content functions plus learning activity tracking.

Is Xyleme Tin-Can Compliant?

Yes, any learning activity related to content served from CDS will be tracked in the Learning Record Store using xAPI. You can also add statements to the LRS for your own learning activities. The xAPI can also be used to export statements to integrate with other business systems.

What is Xyleme’s Data Protection Policy?

You can read Xyleme’s data protection policy here.


Studio Authoring System

Xyleme Studio Authoring System is a powerful, collaborative authoring platform that simplifies reuse, maintenance & personalization at scale by structuring and storing content in flexible XML, so it can easily be linked and reused in any number of outputs, formats & iterations without duplicating efforts.

Is Xyleme multi-lingual?

Translations for your content can be managed and output in 29 languages directly in Studio, including Asian and right-to-left languages.

What types of rich media types are supported?

Virtually any type of image, video, audio file, HTML5 animation can be uploaded to the media library and used in your learning content.

Do you support AICC?

Yes. Xyleme can output AICC AGR 10-compliant packages.

How do you handle language translation?

There is a workflow process that allows you to manage the full cycle for internal or external translation processes. If you use third-party tools or services, you can export content for translation and then update the original course with new languages. We provide visibility into the changes between versions in master language, which helps to lower translation costs.

Are you 508C-compliant?

Yes.  Courses created in Xyleme can be published to be 100% 508C-compliant.

Is the XLIFF (XML localisation interchange file format) standard supported?

Yes. From Xyleme you can export the master document to XLIFF, get it translated, and reimport it back to create the translated version. You can manage as many translations of the same content as you want.

Can you import MS Office documents into Studio?

Yes, this is a standard feature of our applications. Within Studio, the import tool automatically creates fully structured documents, including images and media which are automatically stored in the Xyleme media repository.

Can you import from Rapid Authoring tools, like Articulate Storyline and Adobe Captivate  into Studio?

Yes.  Authored content can be brought into Xyleme documents in their original format.

What other formats can be imported into Studio?

Virtually any format of existing content can be imported into Xyleme, using our XML import. The structure and consistency of the source content will determine how much effort will be required.

Can document imports be done in bulk?

Yes, bulk import is supported.


Content Delivery Service

Xyleme Content Delivery Service (CDS) is a cloud-based, SCORM-compliant, centralized content management platform that provides a single source of truth & allows organizations to deliver content exactly where it needs to be — with or without an LMS — while providing powerful search capabilities, full version control & robust security.

Can we use CDS for content created in tools other than Studio?

Yes. You can upload third-party content including PDFs, Word, Powerpoint, movies and virtually any other type of content. SCORM packages generated from Articulate Storyline and Adobe Captivate can be stored in and played in CDS.

Can CDS be branded for my company?

Yes, you can upload your logo and set the color scheme to match your branding for the desktop and mobile portals.

Can we control access to content for users and groups?

Yes, you can permission folders and content for group access.

Can users search inside documents?

Yes.  Detailed search and filtering returns both documents and learning objects that can be further filtered using meta data.

How is video supported in CDS?

Video is delivered in CDS using progressive download, similar to how YouTube delivers videos. Video formats supported include: .ogg, .webm, .mp4, .mp4v, .mpg4, .flv, .mov (not in IE).

How do you ensure content performance to our distributed users?

CDS uses a leading Content Delivery Network (CDN) to serve content to end-users with high availability and high performance.

Is CDS multi-lingual?

CDS Portal is currently only in US English, but supports multi-lingual searching based on the document language. Other user interface languages will be supported in the future.

Support & Services

What is required to configure the software?

Xyleme includes a comprehensive library of authoring and publishing templates that can be configured to a customer’s specific requirements. Themes and style changes for responsive web outputs are made in Studio, as well as course sequencing rules. Print output designs for Word and PowerPoint are made directly in Word and PowerPoint templates.

How long does it take to implement the software?

Implementation time is unique to each customer. Your Customer Account Manager (CAM) will guide your team through the process to achieve short-term wins and long-term innovation, while offering best practices to increase user adoption and drive continuous improvement. Xyleme has developed a project framework based on Agile methods and years of successful implementations with organizations from many industries. It is designed to quickly mobilize a team of experts from Xyleme and your organization to identify and deliver learning content and strategy aligned to your business needs. 

Is support included?

Yes.  You will have regular checkpoints with your account manager plus access to our 24-7 support system and self-help tools including online help, eLearning and weekly live-learning sessions.


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