Xyleme Syndicate™

Centralize and streamline your content delivery

The Syndicate content cloud delivers content from a single source of truth. This enables actionable content and learner analytics, including detailed version histories for content operations as well as compliance and regulatory audits. A rich set of content delivery tools, APIs, and available integrations will fit right into your current content ecosystem.

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Take full control of your content operations

Get organized in a scalable way with custom content attributes. Deploy content hotfixes. Automatically turn on - and off - time sensitive content, all the way through your distribution channels.

The platform for content governance

Syndicate™ provides the comprehensive reporting and performance tracking that is mission critical in today's extended enterprise.

Put content into the flow of work

Seamlessly deliver your content everywhere — your LMS, LXP, learning portal, help tools, websites, and even dynamic applications, all while leveraging Xyleme Syndicate's powerful content controls.

xyleme content distribution

Collect instantly actionable content metrics

In-depth analytics dashboards, powered by Xyleme's xAPI-compliant learning record store (LRS), provide an accurate and objective picture of your content's engagement, performance, and sentiment. See where your learners are shining and where they are struggling with question-level analysis that shows whether your questions are too easy, too difficult, or just right.

Other features

Seamlessly manage and deliver content across your enterprise
Elevate your existing LMS and LXP with enhanced metadata and tracking
Stop downloading and uploading files to your LMS
Repository to feed proprietary content to your LXP
Gain valuable insights into content performance
Branded content portal to engage and captivate your audience
Allow access to people who need it and protect it from those who don’t
Complies with privacy and PII regulations
Delight auditors with easy access to the data they need to verify compliance
APIs designed to connect with your critical systems

Ready to unleash the power of your content?

Xyleme is the only unified solution for content authoring, management, delivery, personalization, and syndication at scale.

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