Integrations and APIs

Xyleme connects with the tools and platforms you use every day

Xyleme is designed to simplify integrations, making it easy to connect each of your enterprise platforms to establish a single source of content truth. Experts in our Professional Services team work with organizations to create tailored integrations to enhance their content technology stack. 

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Seamless integration with developer-friendly API documentation

Xyleme’s developer-friendly and comprehensive API documentation is designed to make integration seamless and straightforward, allowing your organization to easily connect applications in your content ecosystem. With detailed examples, recipes, and support material, it’s easy for integration developers to get up and running quickly.

Check out the API docs to make integration.

Meet the Create API – Xyleme’s API support is constantly expanding

Xyleme’s new Create API provides a comprehensive solution for managing your organization’s content, including enabling your organization’s specific workflow and reporting needs. 

Integrations backed by a powerful iPaaS platform

Combining Xyleme’s expansive APIs with our powerful Workato iPaaS system facilitates thousands of connection possibilities, flexible running contexts, and unprecedented control over the data in your organization’s content ecosystem.

Combine Xyleme with your LMS

Xyleme's powerful cloud-based engine facilitates rapid content delivery to automatically push updates and provides the ability to gather in-depth analytics on eLearning content, bypass learning management system (LMS) file size limits, eliminate costly re-deployments, and ensure accurate and compliant content. 

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Combine Xyleme with your LXP

Organizations can centralize content stored in Xyleme with their learning experience platform (LXP). Xyleme supports integrations with various LXP partners to take advantage of each LXP's strength, while retaining all of the power of content management and data analysis in the Xyleme's platform. 

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Utilize and add new capabilities to the tools you already use today

While content created in the Xyleme's platform inherits unprecedented power and flexibility through content linking and syndication capabilities, organizations can continue to utilize content built with other tools directly within Xyleme.

Custom web interactions

Ready to unleash the power of your content?

Xyleme is the only unified solution for content authoring, management, delivery, personalization, and syndication at scale. 

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