Simplify Content Reuse and Shorten Development Cycles with Create™ by Xyleme

Unlock easy authoring, publishing, and personalization at scale with Create by Xyleme. Harnessing the power of content management at scale, Create can publish to various channels including Word, PowerPoint, PDF, HTML5, SCORM, and XML.
The content is linked, not copied, enabling updates to be made once and automatically updated in all places where the content is used. 

Create Content Once & Publish to Any Experience

Simplify reuse and automatically reflow content based on the specific screen size being used with Xyleme’s single-source authoring tool.
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Shorten the Content Development Lifecycle

Designed for reuse with fully customizable print and mobile-ready outputs, Xyleme seamlessly applies appropriate branding, page layout, and styling based on the specific output type.

Publish Content to any Channel

Publish content to Word, PowerPOint, PDF, HTML5, SCORM 1.2, and SCORM 2004, or directly to XML to feed your own internal downstream publishing systems. 

Avoid Redundancies by Tracking where Content is Used

Because content is linked, not copied, authors only need to make an update once and it will automatically be updated everywhere it needs to be.
Other features include:

Create content once & publish to any experience

Personalize content at scale for multiple audiences

Manage content in a single repository

Control access with granular permissions

Tag content to make it easier to find, manage & update

Integrate content from other popular authoring tools

Utilize out-of-the-box interactivities

Streamline translation management

“I estimate we have cut content development time by 66% simply by being able to easily reuse what’s already been created.”

Are you ready to gain control of your content chaos?

Effortlessly design and publish omni-channel experiences for performance support, training documentation, support materials, competency courses and more.
With Xyleme, there is a better way to author and publish content.

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