AI, Engagement, Personalization & the Future of Content: 2022 Fall Conference Wrap Up

Our teams have been traveling the country the past few months as the big fall content and learning conferences are back in full swing after two years of digital events.
devlearn 2022 fall conference wrap up

Josh Bersin’s launched his new book, Irresistible, at HR Tech 2022 to much fanfare, and our own Chief Strategy Officer Leslie Farinella presented conference sessions alongside Xyleme customers at both TSIA World and DevLearn.

“It’s great to finally be back at in-person conferences,” says Farinella. “It’s always so interesting to see what’s top of mind across the industry, which new trends are emerging — and which trends are still going strong.”

We sat down with Xyleme leaders to get their take on this fall’s events. From HR Tech to TSIA World to DevLearn, here’s a quick 2022 fall conference wrap up.

Key Themes & Takeaways

AI, Machine Learning, VR & the Future of Content

From delivering training content and managing skills to automating work and driving retention, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and virtual reality (VR) were major topics of focus across the board. After years of projections and speculation, practical uses for these emerging technologies in the enterprise content and learning space are finally materializing. Expect to see even greater focus on these areas in 2023.

Putting Data to Work

Data is everywhere, and we’re starting to see it all come together. Using data to increase content reach (more modalities, more personalization, more distribution endpoints), directly correlates to an increase in readiness, decreased ramp time, increased retention rates, and increased overall efficiencies. Companies that leverage their data — connecting the data dots between business outcomes, learner engagement & retention, and organizational skill gaps – will be more agile and increase speed to market.

devlearn 2022 fall conference wrap up 2
xyleme employee engagement white paper

Engagement & Experience are more Important than Ever
Regardless of whether you’re training employees, channel partners, franchisees or customers, engagement and user experience continue to be top of mind. Figuring out how to deliver content in the flow of work and at the point of need, while also tailoring that content for the specific user, need, and delivery channel, is becoming increasingly important – and increasingly challenging. For a deeper dive on employee engagement, check out our latest white paper, Connecting the Dots Across Employee Engagement, Turnover, Recruitment & Replacement.

Personalization Remains a Challenge – Especially at Scale
Despite the fact that personalization has been a “hot topic” at content and learning conferences for nearly a decade, it remains a challenge that organizations struggle to solve, particularly when operating on a national or global scale. Successful upskilling, reskilling, and cross-skilling initiatives will require targeted, hyper-personalized approaches.  Organizations who can personalize at scale will have a competitive advantage to quickly unlock employee capacity and potential. Read a new contributed blog post on The Personalization Paradox from content strategy guru Val Swisher of Content Rules.

At Xyleme, we’re on the front lines of personalization, and we continue to invest in advancing content intelligence technology to support a more predictive, hyper personalized, and connected learning ecosystem.

Schedule a free content strategy session to discuss your unique personalization challenges and how Xyleme can help you conquer content personalization.

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