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According to LinkedIn Learning’s 2023 Workplace Learning Report, L&D has never been better positioned to help the organization as macro trends like talent disruption, global tension, inflation, and skill shortages emerge post-pandemic. Almost 90 percent of L&D professionals believe that proactively building employee skills for the future will help both people and enterprises better meet the challenges ahead.

While the trend toward large-scale upskilling and reskilling initiatives is gaining momentum, actual progress toward this goal is slow. Most organizations (54%) report being in the early-to-mid stages of executing their large-scale re-skilling/up-skilling strategies. At the same time, 50 percent of workers need to attain new skills in order to advance their careers, as compared to 6 percent needing to upskill prior to the pandemic. This enormous shift puts new importance on retraining, and new stress on L&D systems designed for past priorities.
L&D will need to move from learning assigned or suggested based on a worker’s job and career path to personalized learning, development, and reskilling opportunities based on a worker’s skills, potential adjacent skills, and skill gaps.

Advantages of Skills-Based Learning and Development

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Skills-based learning and development offer several advantages for organizations. It helps employees acquire new skills, adapt to changing job requirements, and remain competitive in the marketplace. Moreover, it fosters a culture of continuous learning, engagement, and career growth, leading to higher job satisfaction and increased employee retention.

Other benefits of skills-based learning and development include:
  • Retention of institutional knowledge
  • Increased internal mobility
  • Improved culture and morale
  • Orchestrated solutions that prepare people for their next role
  • Hyper-personalized learning journeys aligned with business strategies
  • Learning that drives meaningful work and employee satisfaction
  • A flexible, versatile workforce
  • Increased employee engagement
Employee demands are also driving the adoption of skills-based learning. Workers want more guidance when it comes to their career growth, and seek orchestrated experiences designed to make them successful and help move them forward.

Driving a Learning Culture

To successfully implement skills-based learning, organizations must align people-skills development with business needs. Breaking down silos between platforms and content teams is essential to design integrated learning experiences that guide individual learners toward their current and future roles. Furthermore, a strong L&D content strategy is necessary to provide relevant content when and where it is needed. Just as marketing orchestrates the buyer's journey, L&D should orchestrate the learner's journey from mastery of their current role to readiness for the next one.
6 Learning Culture Indicators
6 learning indicator infographic

[Source: Red Thread Research, Final Report: Choosing Learning Methods that "Fit" Your Organization, June 2022.[AH2]

  1. Enables me to plan my career.
  2. Enables me to find development opportunities.
  3. Enables me to access content and opportunities to grow my skills.
  4. Enables me to experiment with new knowledge and skills.
  5. Enables me to connect with others for learning.
  6. Enables me to perform better in my current role.
[Source: Red Thread Research, Final Report: Choosing Learning Methods that "Fit" Your Organization, June 2022.[AH2]  

Future-Proofing Organizations

At the heart of success, as always, is content. A strong L&D content strategy is also necessary to serve up relevant content when and where it is needed. Just as marketing orchestrates the buyer’s journey from discovery to closing the sale, L&D needs to orchestrate the learner’s journey from mastery in their current role to readiness for their next one. AI will power talent, skills, and content intelligence platforms to provide continuous data sets that uncover and predict changes in workforce needs in real-time, driving this digital transformation.

How does an LCMS help you deliver content agility?

  1. Enterprise-grade Unified Single Source of Truth and Audit Trail: Our solution provides a single platform to author, manage, publish, and syndicate content, ensuring the right content is delivered at the right time. This mitigates risks and guarantees a consistent and auditable content management process.
  2. Optimized Content Reuse and Labor Efficiencies: With our solution, you can accomplish more with fewer resources, increasing productivity. Our platform enables efficient content reuse, saving time and effort in content creation and management.
  3. Support for Enterprise Complex Use Cases: We cater to intricate scenarios like simplified content monetization for publishers or exploring new channels of revenue such as product training and performance support.
  4. Increased Speed to Market: Our solution enables swift product launches and changes, facilitating faster time-to-market for your offerings.
  5. Expanded Learner Reach and Improved Learner Experience: We empower you to support your existing learning ecosystem and deliver content in the learner's desired format. This leads to an enhanced employee experience and increased retention of quality employees.
  6. Content and Deep Domain Expertise in the Learning World: Our extensive knowledge and experience in integrations, SCORM, xAPI, and other learning technology standards allow us to enhance your current learning solutions. We maximize the potential of your learning ecosystem, resulting in improved outcomes.
  7. Trusted and World-class Expertise for Content Management: With over 15 years of experience working with Fortune 500 global brands, we offer a wealth of expertise in content management. We provide reliable support throughout the change management process.
Xyleme stands out as the most trusted and intelligent LCMS platform for the development, management, delivery, and syndication of content at scale. Its proven track record, intelligent content development and management features, seamless delivery capabilities, syndication options, and scalability make it an ideal choice for organizations seeking a robust LCMS solution. With Xyleme, organizations can streamline their content processes, enhance learner experiences, and achieve better learning outcomes.

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