Content Personalization: What is it & Why is it so Hard at Scale?

Overcoming 3 Main Challenges to Personalization

According to eLearning Industry, 77% Of L&D Professionals Think Personalized Learning Is Vital To Employee Engagement and 94% Of Businesses Say Personalization Is Critical To Their Success.

What is Content Personalization, anyway?

Not to be confused with adaptive learning or recommendation engines, which monitor a user’s history and suggest content and learning paths based on their individual progress or specific actions, 

Content Personalization and Personalized Learning are strategies that focus on tailoring and customizing individual pieces of content for specific audiences in order to deliver the right content, to the right people, at the right time, and in the right language and format.

When serving large volumes of content to multiple diverse audiences at scale, effective personalization is almost impossible – let alone sustainable – without the right strategy and tools in place.

In our latest article, Personalizing Content At Scale: Solutions to 3 Common Challenges, we break down the three main obstacles organizations face when implementing content personalization at scale and how the right content strategy and technology tools are the key to overcoming them. 

Only Xyleme’s award-winning Learning Content Management System (LCMS) empowers organizations to reuse their content and personalize it on a global scale without creating a maintenance burden. Xyleme supports the entire content creation and management lifecycle, from authoring and publishing to delivery, reuse and analysis, allowing organizations with complex content needs and audiences to efficiently and sustainably personalize content at scale. 

We look forward to helping your organization unlock the power of your content.

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