WYSIWYG: How “What You See is What You Get” Authoring Limits Your Content’s Lifespan

WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get), or so-called "rapid" authoring tools claim to save us time, but do they really?

Over the long term, the answer is decidedly, "no."

With WYSIWYG authoring tools like Microsoft PowerPoint and Articulate Storyline, when you lay content out on the page, what you see is indeed what you get — but it’s all you’ll ever get. 

That’s because WYSIWYG tools trap content into one configuration and format that can’t be reused or repurposed without copying and pasting, and building a new content piece essentially from scratch.

When you break free from WYSIWYG and create content without the constraints of a particular layout, that content becomes flexible and can easily be reused in other relevant deliverables across the enterprise — no starting from scratch or copying and pasting required. 

“Modular content is the root of our adaptability for rapid & agile distribution — it’s huge for our business — and centralized management of branding for our outputs has been a game changer for us.”

In our latest article, we discuss why WYSIWYG authoring tools are ineffective over the long-term and illustrate the benefits that a modular, flexible content creation strategy brings to the entire extended enterprise

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