Predictions for Learning and Development for 2018 and Beyond

Learning and development is continually shifting tactics to keep up with industry standards and the needs of the modern-learner. These strategies include how learning is created and managed, how and where it is delivered, and how to accomplish more with fewer resources.

We conducted a recent survey of learning and development professionals to get an honest assessment of where learning and development is today, goals for the upcoming year, and predictions for the future.

Report Contents

  • Challenges Learning and Development Currently Face
  • Learning and Development Performance Ratings
  • Priorities for 2018
  • Learning and Development in 5-10 Years
  • The Next Generation of Learners – A Workforce Going Virtual?

Current Status of Learning & Development
Learning and development teams are up against a significant amount of challenges with the needs of modern-learners evolving faster than learning and development teams can keep up. Our survey results showed that lack of resources, and lack of budget being the two largest challenges faced today. Learning and development knows where they need to go, but lack of time and money is creating a bottleneck to progress.

Goals for 2018 and Beyond?
A majority of those surveyed stated that developing strategies for micro-learning was their main goal for 2018. Modern-learners are less likely to dedicate time to attending a full instructor-led course, their time is valuable and they want only the pieces of information they need.

Being able to analyze which training is working, and which is not, is also a significant goal for 2018. Learning and development is increasingly being viewed as a cost-center for organizations and they need to align their strategies closer with business needs to remain vital to organization. ?Without having analytics to help provide insights into the value of their content, and how learning is being used, being able to appeal to business goals will be difficult.

Predictions for the Future
Predictions for how learning and development will be progressing in the future is heavily focused on advancements in technology, technology for delivering content anywhere, anytime, and technology to enable more organic forms of training to be created and distributed.

“I think we will see learning become more integrated with work itself. ?As work is more online, there is the opportunity to integrate learning with the work process. ?It will be the AI and on-the-job-training, correcting and advising in real time.”
Lara H. – Deputy Director of Human Resources


For learning and development teams to be able to keep up with the needs of the modern-learner and stay relevant to organizations, they need to use technology to provide just-in-time micro-learning, understand that their role could change from learning-creator to learning-curator, in addition optimizing analytics to become more strategic and align closer with business needs.

Xyleme assembled all the results from the survey into a detailed 18-page report filled with metrics and quotes from industry professionals.?Click Here?for the full report.

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