Learning and Development Webinars

The below learning and development industry webinars feature speakers from leading companies like Cisco, Dell, T-Mobile, Caterpillar, and Baker Hughes, and cover a variety of topics, news, and best practices specifically geared toward learning and development.

Building the Plane While Flying It: A Case Study on Rapid Learning Strategy Innovation at Spectrum

Moving from a traditional training strategy to one that embeds learning in the daily workflow is challenging enough. Now add constant change and a distributed L&D function. What do you get? A catalyst for rapid learning strategy innovation at Charter Spectrum. The premise for this webinar is that the business conditions at Charter Spectrum are not unique. Learning & Development leaders are under pressure to provide value and results at the speed of business, but often remain at a loss for how to do it effectively.

Beyond the LMS: How Benefitfocus Delivers Awesome Experiences Wherever Their Learners Are

Benefitfocus provides a leading cloud-based benefits management platform that simplifies how organizations and individuals shop for, enroll in, manage and exchange benefits.�Eric Span, lead content developer at Benefitfocus shows the before and after of their learning ecosystem and how Xyleme helped them optimize their learning content design and delivery.

3 Ways to Faster and Better Learning Content

Xyleme and Principled Technologies talk about a customer project that they delivered in half the time. They offer three ways to shorten your development time: collaboration, job roles and templates.

How Cisco Delivers Amazing Experiences Through Effective Content

Hear the Cisco story about creating and delivering effective learning using Xyleme and their own award-winning platform.

How to Build and Support a Successful Online Learning Strategy

The American College of Cardiology (ACC) provides its members with the education they need to stay licensed, certified, and at the top of their profession. ACC needs an educational strategy that is user-friendly, dynamic, and innovative, allowing members to easily identify their individual knowledge gaps and find educational offerings to close those gaps.

In this case-study webinar, ACC shows how they used YourMembership and Xyleme to build a learning ecosystem to solve their challenges and better prepare for future learning needs.

The Continuous Learning Technology Stack: A Rare Interview with Dell and T-Mobile Learning Leaders

What do Dell and T-Mobile have in common? Both tech companies are hyper-focused on strategy that improves their core business longevity and growth. And both have selected Xyleme as their technology partner to help transform learning through effective content.

The 4 Steps to Bridging Learning to Performance

Xyleme’s long-time customer Baker Hughes shares their journey to learning content that drives performance.

The Critical Components of T-Mobile’s Effective Learning Ecosystem

T-Mobile created a learning ecosystem consisting of a broad range of content, processes, and technology all used together to drive performance. When it comes to speed-to-market, it�s critical for T-Mobile to be agile. Here is the case-study on how they accomplished this with their learning content.

5 Reasons You’re Not Meeting the Needs of the Modern Learner

Today�s learners are the most sophisticated an organization has ever faced when it comes to developing and delivering content. They have a complex set of needs that can be difficult to meet.

In a webinar, Michael Rochelle, Chief Strategy Officer for Brandon Hall Group, and Tim Donohue, VP of eLearning Solutions for IHRDC, discussed five reasons why organizations are not meeting the needs of the modern learner.

Learning Delivery: Meeting The Modern Learner Where They Are Part I

In this 27 minute webinar, part 1 of a 2 part series, Xyleme will have a conversation with Cristine Lipscomb, about how and where learners learn. Like she does with her many clients from a variety of industries, she will address the big picture questions like �how do we adapt our content strategy to address the needs of the modern learner�, and �where do we put our technology investments to ensure delivery anytime, anywhere?

Learning Delivery: Meeting the Modern Learner Where They Are, Part II

This is part 2 in the webinar series. In part 1, Cristine Lipscomb shared that �Content is the key to Competence.� In this part 2 webinar Cristine provides a foundation for your content and user integration strategies so you can get to competency faster.

Content in the Age of Continuous Learning

In this webinar David Mallon, Head of Research at Bersin by Deloitte, and Kristian Asberg, Director Learning and Org. Development and Tetra Pak, discuss how the modern learner is different and why, the story of Tetra Pak, L&D must do things differently, and Tetra Pak’s new learning landscape.

How to Create Content to Attract the Modern Learner

In this webinar, How to Create Content to Attract the Modern Learner,�Michael Rochelle, Chief Strategy Officer at Brandon Hall Group, and Leslie Farinella, VP of Customer Success at Xyleme, discuss�the move to informal learning and the role of content management.

Reimagining Learning Content at Paychex

When learning content is strategic to your business, as it is to Paychex, how do you evolve your content strategy and management practices to maximize efficiency and alignment? In this webinar hear about key concepts of single source authoring and publishing, and how to turn your content into reusable business assets that improve business results. Viewers will also get an inside look at Paychex� journey to high-performing learning content and best practices for managing change to ensure successful adoption.

Baker Hughes: Content Strategy � Breaking Down Silos

In this rare opportunity, Jennifer Rogers, global content development manager at Baker Hughes Talent Management Center of Excellence, will share how training and development is leading the organization to shared content management in order to sustain a culture of constant learning and business success.

Closing Skill Gaps at Caterpillar

David Mallon, Head of Research at Bersin by Deloitte, interviews Michael Miller, Process and Standards Supervisor at Caterpillar, Inc. to learn how Content Strategy is driving Caterpillar�s drive to personalized learning and transforming how their dealer technicians will learn and demonstrate competency and skills in the future.

The Princeton Review – A Case Study in Scalable Learning Content

If you were born in the last 50 years and went to college, then you have probably used content and services from The Princeton Review at least once. Michael Bleyhl, VP, Product Technology of The Princeton Review discusses their unique business challenges, solution design, key integration strategies as well as his vision for the future of personalized online learning. He is joined by Mark Hellinger of Xyleme.

Effective Single Sourcing Transforms Information Builders Customer Education Process

How do you get 5 course developers to do the work of an army? In this session, Emily Duensing, Sr. Manager of Curriculum Development and Andy Nivison, VP of Customer Education at Information Builders, share how single-sourcing has transformed the way they author, publish and deliver critical learning content to their customers.

The Google Analytics Approach to Measuring Learning Allowing You to Move at the Speed of Business

Learning is the engine that drives performance, so why is it that we can�t link the training we provide to performance? Join Michael Rochelle, Chief Strategy Officer at the Brandon Hall Group, as he shows you how to apply the same �Google� content metrics the rest of the business uses to your own training content.

Effective Responsive Design

L&D organizations are tasked with delivering mobile learning now. Most are meeting this demand with limited success. Simply shrinking desktop e-learning onto a smartphone or tablet doesn’t provided the learner with the mobile experience they desire. Hear product experts, Monica Kraft and Ramon Guiu of Xyleme, share real-world examples of responsive e-learning.

Responsive Learning to Engage Mobile Users

L&D organizations are tasked with delivering mobile learning now. Most are meeting this demand with limited success. The Xyleme Learning Content Management platform delivers a simple �Author + Publish� approach with responsive publishing templates.

How Content Strategy Drives the HILO

In this webinar, David Mallon, VP of Research at Bersin by Deloitte, will dive into the evolving nature of learning content and share findings from Bersin�s recent High Impact Learning Organization report. Joining David will be Michael Miller, Process and Standards Supervisor at Caterpillar, Inc.

Performance Support – Your First Mobile Initiative

With today’s workforce more mobile than ever and learning content changing daily, mobile performance support can provide a real answer to many organizations for delivering personalized, moment-of-need information to their workforce and business partners. Over 46% of organizations have begun to use some level of mobile performance support, and Brandon Hall Group predicts this trend will only rise.

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