Xyleme enhances its ability to distribute content across the enterprise and rebrands core modules

DENVER, Jan. 24, 2022 — Xyleme, Inc. announced today a rebranding of the organization’s award-winning content authoring, management and delivery platform’s core modules to Xyleme CreateTM and Xyleme SyndicateTM.

Previously known as Xyleme StudioTM and Xyleme Content Delivery ServiceTM (CDS), this rebranding reflects the organization’s significant investments in the growth and development of the platform, which includes Component Content Management System (CCMS) and Learning Content Management System (LCMS), over the past several years to meet the expanding needs of the enterprise content management market.

“The world is ready for a content disruption,” explains Xyleme Chief Strategy Officer Leslie Farinella. “The future of business requires fluid, adaptable content that isn’t tied to design, format, or presentation, but instead can easily move between systems, be dynamically assembled to meet diverse user needs, and seamlessly morph into new formats.”

Xyleme is the market leader in component content creation, supporting the syndication of adaptable content throughout the enterprise to drive superior user experiences across channels, audiences, use cases, geographies and experiences.

“As an organization, we have long been committed to providing best-in-class tools and services to our global Fortune 500 customer base. In 2020, we made the strategic decision to accelerate that commitment, and this rebranding of our core modules reflects our investment in the continued growth and improvement of our product.”

In 2020, Xyleme expanded the scope of its platform beyond traditional learning and development to encompass the features and capabilities of a true Component Content Management System, while maintaining a complete suite of Learning Content Management System features, creating the first and only fully featured hybrid CCMS/LCMS. 

In 2021, the organization launched a complete redesign of the platform’s user interface, to augment and improve functionality while also streamlining and modernizing the user experience.

Xyleme continues to make significant investments in product development to solidify its’ award-winning platform as the only unified Enterprise Content Gateway, enabling partners to seamlessly create, reuse, personalize, maintain, update, integrate and deliver fluid, adaptable content across their organizations. Only Xyleme makes it possible to truly ensure delivery of the right content, in the right format, at the right time, to the right audience – even on a global scale.

“Rebranding our core modules as Xyleme CreateTM and Xyleme SyndicateTM encapsulates the culmination of our investments over the past several years, and better reflects their scope and functionality in the increasingly-diverse and expansive corporate content management landscape.” Farinella explains.

“It also represents the improvements and additional functionality we will be implementing in the future, as well as our continued commitment to providing the best available platform and tools to our innovative global customer base.”

About Xyleme Xyleme empowers companies to transform how they create and broadcast content across their organization. Our Fortune 500 customer base which includes Cisco, 3M, Kaiser Permanente and VMWare, trusts Xyleme to deliver Content as a Service solution (CaaS) to the most strategic and dynamic segments of their businesses. Our customers use their content as a competitive advantage to scale quicker, deliver products to market faster, and ensure their talent is always ready to respond to ever changing market dynamics. Learn more at xyleme.com.

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