Product Demo: Accelerate Your Content Strategy to Drive Better Learning Experiences

The traditional approach to learning and development has changed, and if we want to drive better learning experiences, we need to rethink our approach to our content strategy. Onboarding is no longer enough — organizations must also provide opportunities to grow through continued point-of-need support, coaching, and spiraled learning.

With the help of technology, we can adapt our approach from manual to modular in order to build, scale, and drive the learning experience. Join us for this complimentary Training Industry Webinar, sponsored by Xyleme. Your hosts from Xyleme, Mike Buoy, Area Vice President, and Chris Kocher, Senior Solutions Architect, will explore the future of content strategy and how to accelerate your organizations learning curve.

In this session, attendees with learn how to: Build omni-channel publications to send content to your learners at the point of need Develop personalized componentized content through standardization & reuse Evaluate your content and learners performance beyond just a course completion.

Watch the webinar:

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