Rogers Communications Reduces Content Development Costs by 53% with Xyleme CCMS



in content development costs

"This investment has supported our department’s commitment to reduce operating costs, while also aligning with key elements of our learning strategy focused on building more interactive and engaging experiences for learners across Rogers."

Meet Rogers

Rogers Communications is a Canadian communications and media company headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, that provides wireless communications, cable television, telephone, Internet connectivity, and digital content to more than 15 million customers.

In early 2017, Rogers adopted Xyleme’s platform as its core authoring content management solution. To maximize content reuse and increase learner engagement and retention, the Rogers team set out to elevate their content strategy by developing an innovative and highly effective method to expand learning interactivities at scale. 

By componentizing their content and adopting a reuse strategy, powered by Xyleme’s industry-leading Component Content Management System (CCMS), Rogers has realized a 53.2% reduction in content development costs. 

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As an organization with a constant flow of learning assets being produced, curated, updated, and delivered to a workforce of more than 30,000 people — including both internal and third-party employees — the need for an efficient, centralized solution was a core driver in Rogers’ decision to partner with Xyleme.

Prior to Xyleme, Rogers’ authoring tools and content tech stack were decentralized, making it extremely difficult for the team to control consistency across the organization’s vast library of content outputs and deliverables. Authors had to rely on individual governance and quality assurance guidelines, which often resulted in inconsistencies.

Because content was developed for one-off use, it was impossible to reuse published content for different audiences and formats without duplication. As a result, creating and publishing — not to mention updating and maintaining — content deliverables for different audiences and delivery channels was both costly and time consuming.


A shift from traditional decentralized learning content authoring tools to Xyleme’s XML-based CCMS platform made it possible for Rogers’ content team to manage the organization’s extensive content libraries from a centralized platform, regardless of format, audience, or delivery channel.

Centralizing content creation, management and maintenance in Xyleme and moving to a reuse-driven, componentized content development strategy, allowed the Rogers team to create content once and link individual components across any number of publications and deliverables, regardless of format. Not only did this shift simplify and streamline content reuse, it also made it easier for the team to keep content consistent, up-to-date and in sync.

“This investment has supported our department’s commitment to reduce operating costs, while also aligning with key elements of our learning strategy focused on building more interactive and engaging experiences for learners across Rogers,” explains Liz Matthews, Senior Director of Learning Innovation & Business Solutions. 

Because Xyleme supports content reuse through linking — not copying and pasting — the Rogers team can now make updates once to the source component and seamlessly push those updates to all locations and experiences where the individual content component is used.  

“This process is very agile and time efficient, since I can build the course and test components at the same time as [a colleague] is also improving them at his end. There is a huge potential for reuse that does not even need to involve developers.”

But they didn’t stop there. The Rogers team knew if they wanted to continue to streamline their authoring processes within Xyleme and maximize efficiencies for authors, they needed to continue elevate their content strategy. This meant they needed to expand their layout options to include smaller content components.

“We knew that if we could implement a standardized, interactive reusable learning object (RLO) strategy, we would be able to further improve learner engagement and retention.”
Juan Naranjo
Senior Manager of Next-Gen Learning

The team provided authors with a standardized, growing collection of engaging and interactive content components that were branded, quick and easy to implement, and eliminated the need for outside traditional tools that limited reuse, responsiveness and tracking capabilities. This innovative approach to content design and development not only succeeded in driving greater engagement and retention, it also helped Juan and his team ensure brand consistency, support best practices, and save their authors a tremendous amount of time.

As a result, Rogers has not only been able to improve content quality and consistency across the extended enterprise, they have also been able to reduce content development costs by 53.2%, from $12,400 to just $5,800 per course, for a projected total savings of more than $673,000 over the next three years.   

Rogers Communications is a proud Canadian company that is dedicated to making things easier for their customers. Since 1960, millions of Canadians have first experienced new ways of living and working through Rogers: FM radio, cable television, high-speed Internet, wireless phone calls, wireless LTE Internet, and more.

Xyleme, Inc., was founded in 2004 as a platform offering multi-output publishing to a variety of industries. Three years later, the organization realigned efforts to focus exclusively on helping organizations better manage their learning content. In 2020, Xyleme broadened focus and rebranded as Xyleme Component Content Management System (CCMS). Xyleme’s platform facilitates the efficient mass-production of proprietary content and makes updating and maintaining content simpler, creating a truly scalable solution for global enterprises. Visit to learn more.

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