Misadventures in Content Production: Copying & Pasting is Not Reuse


The term “reuse” gets thrown around a lot in regard to content management and maintenance, particularly when dealing with content at scale.

But did you know that most content authoring and management tools that tout reuse are essentially just copying and pasting? 

Let’s be clear — copying and pasting is NOT reuse. 

True reuse allows organizations to utilize existing content in a variety of deliverables and output types (HTML5, Word, PowerPoint, SCORM packages, chat bots, etc.,) and to customize the contextual content needed for a each unique audience — without creating a maintenance burden.

In our latest article, Misadventures in Content Production: Copying & Pasting is Not Reuse, we break down true reuse and explore how organizations can leverage it to drive greater personalization, consistency and efficiency when delivering content at scale — no matter how many unique audiences they serve. 

With the right technology, true reuse is not only possible, it’s sustainable. 

Xyleme’s award-winning Learning Content Management System (LCMS) supports the entire content creation and management lifecycle, from authoring and publishing to delivery, reuse and analysis, allowing organizations with complex content needs and audiences to create and deploy content efficiently and to pivot and respond quickly when needed.

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