Is Keeping Up with Regulatory Standard Changes a Challenge?

Keeping up with changing regulatory standards can be a heavy lift for any organization

In highly-regulated industries, it can be a uniquely overwhelmingand business criticalchallenge to keep up with regulatory standard changes and updates.  

Changing regulatory standards, or even simple updates, require finding, updating, and republishing every piece of content that includes the standard, which can easily exist in hundreds of different publications. 

“When a Gas Standard changed, we had to rely on the knowledge of the team to remember where all instances of that standard are referenced in our content,” explains the Manager of Curriculum Development at a regional Energy & Utilities company. 

“As a result, content updates could take several days.” 

With more than 4,000 individual documents under their purview — including instructor-led training materials, web courses, manuals, online references, and individual topics — ensuring consistency and accuracy wasn’t just about how content was created and reused. The team also had to implement consistency and standardization across how they managed revisions, traceability, and content storage.

Today, with a few clicks, their team can produce a report that shows every piece of content that has been associated with that Gas Standard, with links and document information. 

"With Xyleme, we simply update the source content and then we can seamlessly push the updates to every single location where the content is used, so updates now take hours instead of days — a time savings of more than 75%.”

Schedule a free consultation to explore how Xyleme can help your organization keep up with regulatory standard changes and content updates with greater efficiency and accuracy than ever before.

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