Growing v. Scaling an Organization: Using Technology to Drive Success & ROI

Though often used interchangeably, "growing" and "scaling" an organization are not the same.  

“Growth refers to increasing revenue as a result of being in business,” explains Spend Journalʼs Patrick Whatman. “It can also refer to other aspects of the enterprise that are growing, like its number of employees, the amount of offices and how many clients it serves—these things are almost always linked to growth of revenue.”

Scale, on the other hand, “is when revenue increases without a substantial increase in resources…. Processes “that scale” are those that can be done en masse without extra effort.” 

Scaling an organization successfully—that is, increasing revenue without increasing effort—often hinges on technology.

Ford Motor Company translates finance training documents into six languages, for example, but has technology in place to simplify translation processes that has ultimately reduced translation time by more than 50% while also driving translation costs down by 75%.

“Xyleme is easy to use & allows us to focus on making the content better—it has been a terrific time and cost savings for us."

Rogers Communications leveraged technology to make it easy to repurpose existing content for a new market by not only simplifying translation processes, but also by making it easy to locate and update region-specific regulatory content. As a result, Rogers’ was able to reduce content development costs by 53%, from $12,400 to just $5,800 per course, for a projected total savings of more than $673,000 over the next three years.   

“This investment has supported our department’s commitment to reduce operating costs, while also aligning with key elements of our learning strategy focused on building more interactive and engaging experiences for learners across Rogers."

Both of these companies partnered with Xyleme to achieve time and cost savings, while also improving efficiency and driving greater content engagement at scale.  
Check out our interactive ROI calculator to see how much your organization could save on content creation, management, and translation time and costs with Xyleme as you scale. 

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