Xyleme LCMS Allows Small and Medium Businesses to Deploy Full Spectrum of Training Materials

For regional driving school SWERVE, rapid reuse and customization result in dramatic cost savings and increased customer satisfaction.

Boulder, May 23, 2011�- Xyleme� Inc., the leading provider of 100% XML, open and standards-based learning content management solutions today announced that SWERVE, a driving school based in Washington State, has implemented Xyleme LCMS for the deployment of training materials to approximately 15,000 new student drivers per year in over 75 locations. A critical component of the project was a single-source publishing platform to replace point solutions for delivery to multiple outputs. Initial delivery formats include: online classroom presentations, instructor guides, student workbooks and parent guides.

As SWERVE�s business grew the company faced the challenge of keeping content up-to-date and consistent to accommodate the rapid growth, especially as new state mandates were passed. Even as a small company, SWERVE had two to four people managing separate content management solutions and manually doing updates resulting in low customer satisfaction and a system plagued with poor source control. This small business required a learning content management solution that could simplify course development, centralize content control, output courses to multiple learning formats, and fully support their plans for growth and expansion.

The Xyleme single-source platform met SWERVE�s requirement for a solution that would enable content to be outputted to any delivery format, effectively eliminating the need to manage four separate solutions. “Updating curriculum used to take three staff members full-time. Now it takes one web developer less than half-time,” explained Justin Pruskowski, VP of Development at SWERVE, “from an ROI point of view that�s four times the savings.” He also added, “with the improvement in content quality came increased customer satisfaction, more business, and we now have the architecture for new product development which will support our expansion plans.”

“While Xyleme LCMS is well-known as an excellent solution for large global enterprises, single-source content development is also critical for small and medium sized organizations,” commented Janel Seymour, Xyleme�s Director of Business Development. “The ability to cost effectively produce products that meet business requirements for customization, translation and multi-modal delivery provides a critical competitive edge for SMB customers. Swerve joins a long list of Xyleme SMB customers who leverage Xyleme LCMS to meet their growing needs.”

To learn more about Xyleme�s learning content management solutions for small-medium businesses, please watch the SWERVE video case study on YouTube http://tinyurl.com/3cd6c7y

About Xyleme

Xyleme, Inc. is the leader in standards-based learning content management solutions that enable single-source publishing of training content. Xyleme is 100% XML-based to create massive efficiencies through modularity and reuse. With Xyleme’s learning content management solution, small and large businesses improve collaboration in content development, reduce time-to-market for customized training and minimize the cost of supporting blended learning. Visit https://xylemedotcom.wpcomstaging.com.


SWERVE�s mission is to �Change the Way People Drive� and their graduates have statistically been proven to be safer drivers than those from other driving schools. More information available at:�http://www.goswerve.com/.

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