Xy5 Has Arrived

With the general availability of Xy5, Xyleme now has the most advanced single-platform learning solution in today’s market.

You only need to read one more paragraph to know if you should care about this.

If your organization is like Xyleme’s customers, then you already know that effective learning content is the key to developing organizational talent and establishing a competitive advantage. Our customers are typically looking for a solution that enables their content authors to quickly respond to the needs of the learners. They prefer a solution that integrates content authoring and publishing, and the distribution of the content to LMSs, other applications, portals and mobile devices. Many of them still require print-based learning materials too. And they want the authors and learners to be able to reliably find content that is relevant and contextual to what each individual is searching for.

Does this sound like your organization?  If so, you should read on.

Here are a few things you will be able to do with Xy5.

Repurpose Content

Does your organization suffer from ‘content-everywhere-and-nowhere’? You have this malady if there is redundant content scattered throughout your organization (‘everywhere’) but you are unable to find it (‘nowhere’). Do you have to redevelop it because you can’t find it? Xyleme enables content to be centralized and tagged in a single repository. It includes a powerful search engine that helps authors quickly find and link to the source content (at the object, page, topic or lesson levels) from within a shared authoring environment. It also enables learners to find contextual published content.

So whether it is existing content authored in other tools or content developed in Xyleme, your organization can always find it.

No other tool in the industry has made repurposing content so possible or sexy.

Search and reuse content

Produce Beautiful Outputs Simultaneously for Mobile, Web and Print

Without realizing it, organizations have been trading efficiency for effective and engaging content for a while. It shouldn’t be necessary to buy 2 or 3 publishing solutions to support your training, knowledge management and on-the-job learning needs. Multi-channel publishing is at the core of the Xyleme learning content management solution. From the same source content, you can produce truly responsive HTML5 pages and SCORM courses, Online Help pages, Classroom materials like Instructor Guides, Participant Guides, presentation slides and job aids in Word, PowerPoint and PDF, and micro-learning topics.

Xy5 has arrived

Put learning in the path of learners

The goal for today’s learning organizations is to make learning happen. Said another way — it is to put learning content into the path of the learner whenever they need it. Learners want to engage with beautiful, effective learning content, on demand, anywhere and anytime. While you may ‘push’ formal training, learners today want to ‘pull’ relevant, contextual content at their time of need.

Distribute and Track

To put the content in the paths of the learners it needs to be conveniently accessible in the systems and on the devices that your learners choose to use. The content needs to be available in all of your distribution channels; your websites, portals, LMSs, custom-built mobile apps, CRM software, your software products, etc. Xyleme enables the centralized storage of learner-facing content, in all of its required publishing formats, at any level of granularity (course, topic, lesson, video, etc.), and makes it available on demand to your learners. These capabilities will, of course, support formal learning, but now you will be able to provide informal learning, micro-learning and performance support too.

Xy5 Learning Content Management System

OK, so let’s assume that Xyleme has helped you to create beautiful, engaging content, and the content can be quickly delivered to your learners…how do you know if the effort was worth it? As an intended consequence of Xyleme’s design we are using the xAPI to capture all learner interaction with the content. Now you can know the learner, the content they accessed, and what they did with the content.

How Do I Get started?

Whether your organization is large or small, interested in a standalone learning system or something that can add value inside of a learning ecosystem, or you need a solution for authoring and publishing and/or distribution and tracking, you should consider learning more about Xy5.

If you want to hear more about today’s market drivers and Xyleme’s solution, check out this webinar with Bersin by Deloitte, Dell and T-Mobile where they discussed the continuous learning technology stack. These two 21st Century L&D organizations are building content capability in real time.Watch the recording to learn from the best and the brightest!

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