What is a CCMS?

What is a component content management system?

A component content management system (CCMS) is a content management platform that segments content into discrete, self-contained components which can easily be shared and reused across any number of publications and channels — from internal and external corporate communications to product training, technical documentation, learning and development, customer education, and everything in between.

Sometimes referred to as a learning content management system (LCMS), a CCMS makes it possible to share and reuse individual content components, from single paragraphs, procedural steps, images, tables, or even a single title.

These components are stored in a centralized content repository, making it easy to reuse and streamline content across different channels. A robust CCMS allows content groups across the organization to create, manage, publish, reuse, and store content components at a granular level, even when operating on a global scale.

Driving efficiency with the component content management

A CCMS allows organizations to improve content management ROI across the extended enterprise by centralizing content in order to streamline processes, increase agility, and drive a better user experience.

Traditional content creation with off-the-shelf tools is managed at the document level, causing inefficiencies, inaccuracies, and duplication of work. Managing content at the component level makes content smarter and more powerful by ensuring accurate and consistent branding, reducing time to market, supporting collaboration across the extended enterprise, and ultimately improving the customer experience.

Xyleme CCMS - Component Content Management System - Reuse graphic

Xyleme CCMS makes it easy & efficient to reuse content components across the enterprise with intelligent linking.

Not only does a component content management system centralize content creation, maintenance, publishing, delivery, and reuse, but it also makes it easy to personalize content at scale for global audiences.

A CCMS also allows organizations to reuse content components across teams and platforms throughout the extended enterprise, while simplifying maintenance processes, expanding delivery channels, and simultaneously providing robust security, access controls, and version histories to support regulatory compliance.

CCMS across the extended enterprise

How a CCMS supports the extended enterprise

Improves agility and speed to market
Improves agility and speed to market

Reduce time to market with centralized, reusable content, built-in publishing templates, collaborative workflows, and seamless updates at the component level.

Simplifies Reuse & Personalization at Scale
Simplifies reuse and personalization at scale

Drive a better customer and user experience through simplified personalization and localization by reusing core content and customizing the context around it for any number of diverse audiences.

Supports Collaboration Across Teams
Supports collaboration across teams

Streamline communication with collaborative review sessions and real-time feedback, and share and reuse content components across the extended enterprise.

Ensures Quality & Consistency
Ensures quality and consistency

Eliminate design inconsistencies and improve the end-user experience with a multitude of built-in, branded templates, and enterprise taxonomy alignment.

Facilitates Regulatory & Audit Compliance
Facilitates regulatory and audit compliance

Track employee and customer activity at the version level to gain an accurate picture of content and user histories in order to support legal discovery, simplify audit requests, and facilitate regulatory compliance.

Lowers Translation Costs
Lowers translation costs

Simplify translation management and reduce costs by only exporting and importing components that require translation, without manually packaging, or un-packaging files.

Key features of a CCMS

Centralized content management
A single-source centralized content repository eliminates content silos and maintenance headaches. Unlike other tools, a component content management system provides authors with the ability to create, store, and search libraries of content components all in one location. From searching a keyword in a publication, to jumping to a specific page — with a CCMS, searching across the content landscape doesn’t require logging into multiple systems. Centralization and searchability allow for specific content components to be found quickly and at the point of need. Content teams can search libraries for existing components of content of any size, from a table to a single topic. Built-in reporting allows authors to see exactly where each piece of content has been used (and reused). Powerful metadata tagging also allows authors to track their content lifecycle. With the ability to tag properties at the component level (paragraph, image, question table, etc.), data is provided on the most granular level, from who authored a particular piece of content, to when it was last modified, expired dates, and more.
  • Single-source content creation
  • Searchable media and document libraries
  • Micro-component repository
Omni-channel publishing
Streamlined design and formatting
Rapid authoring and content reuse
Simplified personalization
Collaborative authoring and review workflows
Integration with other tools
Translation and localization integrations
Comprehensive content analytics
Version history and compliance support
Enterprise-level security

Improving efficiency and ROI across the extended enterprise

From internal and external corporate communications to product training, technical documentation, learning and development, and customer education — and everything in between — a CCMS allows organizations to improve content management ROI across the extended enterprise by centralizing content in order to streamline processes, increase agility, and drive a better user experience.

As delivery channels, platforms, and customer expectations continue to evolve, Xyleme CCMS provides organizations with an agile, centralized content management hub that streamlines content creation, delivery, and the publishing process, empowering organizations to provide a more unified customer experience in order to increase loyalty and satisfaction, and ultimately improve ROI.

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