Webinar: 3 Ways a “Building Block” Approach Supports Content Personalization at Scale

Xyleme’s COO, Leslie Farinella breaks down content personalization and why it’s so hard to scale.


Content personalization is no longer an option—it’s an expectation.

But when serving large volumes of content to diverse audiences, effective personalization is almost impossible (let alone sustainable) without the right strategy and tools in place.

What if it was streamlined and simplified?

In this webinar with the Association for Talent Development, Xyleme COO Leslie Farinella explores why content is the key to any personalization strategy and how taking a component-centric building block approach and implementing the right technology tools allow organizations to effectively personalize content, even on a global scale.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Three reasons taking a building block approach will help personalization efforts succeed
  • Tips for leveraging strategy and technology to address and overcome common personalization challenges
  • How reuse and personalization go hand in hand  

Watch the webinar:

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