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Webinar: It’s Time for a Content Design Revolution

Content design strategies have continued to slowly evolve over the past decade. But slow and steady evolution will only take us so far — it’s time to take the next step and truly revolutionize how we think about content design.   

If we want to seamlessly deliver dynamic content experiences that engage learners, drive continuous learning, support career pathways, and ultimately help meet our organizational goals — and to do so in a way that can expand with technology to meet new business needs and feed to new delivery channels as they emerge — then we need to fundamentally rethink content design.

In this joint webinar with The Learning Guild, Xyleme Chief Strategy Officer Leslie Farinella breaks down how the future of content design hinges on making content more fluid and adaptable, so it can be used and reused efficiently in multiple experiences, across multiple audiences, and delivered in multiple formats, to meet the needs of a wide range of job roles, experience levels, geographies, and business use cases. 

Learning Objectives: 

  • Understand why organizations struggle to build, deliver, and maintain the experiences users want.
  • Identify what the next generation of content design looks like (what do we need to keep, add, and ultimately let go of to make the transition).
  • Discover how revolutionizing content design can provide a significant competitive advantage in the marketplace.

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