The Value of Learning Content Management

learning content management

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Why Learning Content Management

Are you delivering learning experiences that truly engage employees and improve performance? Xyleme customers are, and they’re seeing some dramatic results.

Smarter Development

By publishign content in a single source format,

  • Designers avoid (re)creating material for every new modality, device and audience
  • Companies save 60-70% on development costs
  • Common formatting languages significantly reduce translation complexity
  • Companies save 30-50% on translation costs

Xyleme has saved us thousands of dollars in expert and translation costs, and has helped us improve upon management of complex content.

Xyleme customer

Maximizing Efficiency

The typical designer spends

  • 40% of their time on formatting
  • 60% of their time on development

Single sourcing provides a powerful push in the direction of creativity.

[Our designers are] focusing more on writing a good story, writing a good page, writing a good interaction, as opposed to the technical aspects of formatting the content.

Xyleme customer

By preserving more time for design, flexible templates reduce the time it takes to design thanks to an abbreviated learning curve. Collaborative authoring breaks down development silos and smoothes the shift from ADDIE to agile by completing smaller projects faster.

This results in a 75% savings on time tomarket for small scale projects.

The New Delivery Paradigm

With Xyleme, updating curriculum used to take three full time staff members. Now it takes one developer less than half the time.

Xyleme customer

From 2 Days to 2 Clicks

In the past it took us two days to publish out because we had multiple different touch points. Now it’s literally a two-click publishing to update content that we have out there.

Xyleme customer

Got Content Problems?

If your content management challenges feel overwhelming, we can help.

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