White Paper: The Skills Gap? The War for Talent? The Answer Isn’t Recruiting – it’s Learning

You’ve probably heard all the catchphrases. The war for talent? The skills gap? Like many of us, you’re probably wondering how much of it is real. Unfortunately, the skills gap is very real. Organizations are feeling the ‘talent pinch’ and it’s beginning to affect them. Nearly a third of companies identified lack of qualified workers as a significant barrier to growth. Those are the highest levels in five years. In some industries, like manufacturing and technology, the skills gap is an even bigger concern.

The solution many organizations look to is recruiting. The war for talent relies on the idea that there is talent out there that can help close skill gaps in your organization. There is a good chance, especially in certain industries, that there’s a shortage of talent that you won’t be able to hire yourself out of ‘ at least, not without significant salary increases or struggling to find and relocate the right people. Recruiting is doomed to fail as skill gaps get tighter. Luckily, there is a better answer: learning.

But what most people think of when it comes to learning isn’t enough, at least on its own. The real key to reducing skills gaps through the power of learning is better content. When organizations make learning content a strategic piece of their strategy, they’re able to close skills gaps and develop their workforce more effectively.

In this whitepaper, we’ll cover:

  • The significance of the skills gap
  • Why recruiting falls short
  • How learning is the answer
  • Why content is key





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