Structuring Informal Learning for Success

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How to Structure Informal Learning for Success

Informal learning is natural, but not always efficient.

  • 98% of workers have gained job knowledge by browsing online
  • 57% have completed a formal eLearning or instructor-led training course
  • 20-25% of informal training time is spent simply searching for relevant material

Making informal learning more accessible could return 2.4 hours of productivity to the average employee’s work week.

Structuring for Success

Learning experts still advocate for the 70/20/10 model of 70% informal learning, 20% social learning, and 10% formal learning, when in reality the average organization is closer to 50/25/25.

How to Optimize Learning Content

A simple shift in tools you use or bringing a new one in the mix could be the solution you�re looking for to optimize your informal learning content.

What an LCMS Can Do (with or without an LMS)

  • Refine and Reuse: continuously improve content in response to analytics and circulate successful content across multiple mediums.
  • Evaluate: track course completions, learning item interactions and content rankings
  • Personalize: publish content tailored to specific user demographics and formatted for use across multiple devices and environments
  • Organize and engage: create a logical storage system and invite collaboration between subject matter experts and course developers
  • Search: Apply relevant tags to ensure all test-based content is easily searchable.

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