eBooK: Managing the Past, Present, and Future of Learning Content

It’s critical for learning organizations to get content right

According to the Enterprise Learning Buyer report from The Starr Conspiracy and Brandon Hall Group, 37% of buyers believe that managing learning content is one of their biggest challenges. Also, 66% of learning professionals say that they are having trouble getting learners to engage with corporate learning. So if you have learning content challenges, you are in good company.

There is a real danger to bad, outdated content. The costs simply aren’t worth the risk. The old saying, “Garbage in, garbage out” really applies here. Can your organization afford employees making the wrong decisions based on bad data? The same goes for bad learning content. If you are training employees incorrectly, they may not do their jobs correctly.

Learning content capability can predict 83% of the difference between High Impact Learning Organizations (HILO) and those that are not. And since we also know that HILOs grow profit 3x faster, striving for better learning content is not just a nice-to have for learning organizations.

37% believe that managing learning content is one of the biggest challenges

66% have trouble getting learners to engage in learning content

Getting your learning content under control

Getting your learning and training content under control is of the upmost importance, but it might seem like an uphill battle that can never be won, especially if you have a massive content library or lean learning organization. Fear not, because Xyleme gets it.

We have created this training content management eBook to help you get your content under control. And while there is no magic wand to fix your learning content woes, these are three impactful but manageable steps you can take to ensure that you are on your way to being a great learning organization that improves business performance.

Step 1: Consider Your Current or Legacy Content

Step 2: Create Content Today that is Ready for Tomorrow

Step 3: Assess Your Long-Term Content Strategy Needs

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