Making the Move to Mobile Ready Content

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Making the Move to Mobile-Ready Content

As smartphones and tablets start to assume a central role in media consumption, corporate training leaders must proactively address the obstacles standing in the way of their mobile learning content management strategy.

Mobile Device Usage Statistics

  • The average consumer spends 2 hours and 42 minutes on their mobile devices each day
  • Mobile is responsible for 1/4 of all online searches
  • Mobile accounts for 1/5 of online video plays

Learning Content Lags Behind

  • Just 21% of learning and development organizations have a formal mobile learning strategy in place
  • Only 12% of all corporate learning content is currently optimized for mobile.

Myths surrounding the cost and complexity of mobile ready content development efforts have halted progress for many companies.

How to Make Progress in Mobile L&D

Below are a few tips for how to make progress in mobile learning content management and development.

Forget Courses

Mobile ready content is more than just another window into your course catalog, it�s a unique channel with its own rules of engagement. 86% of smartphone owners specifically use their device to acquire just in time information

Think Bite Sized

Small pieces of existing content can be used to fuel your first mobile initiative. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel

Add Metadata

Support each piece of content with contextual tags to keep assets easily discoverable as your library expands. Considering that just 8% of Google searchers explore beyond the first page of results, simple discovery is essential to strong engagement

Go Agile

An iterative, continuous process should be expected when creating on-demand content, so don’t be tricked into treating mobile development as a monolithic event

Leverage User Profiles

In order to match the right content to the right learner, get started with some basic data like title, role, and location, and build from there. 70% of organizations feel that they do a poor to average job of collecting insights about their learning audience

Got Content Problems?

If your content management challenges feel overwhelming, we can help.

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