Learning Measurement Reimagined

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Learning Measurement Reimagined

With analytics tools quickly transforming tasks all across the organization, a compelling opportunity to reimagine learning measurement and how it is managed has come into view. The technology has evolved, and now the mentality must follow suit.


Formal training only accounts for 10% of employee learning. 90% occurs vial informal or social learning. Models state that 70% of learning should be informal, 20% social, and 10% formal.

  • Just 39% of companies are satisfied with their informal and social reporting capabilities
  • Less than 1/3 of companies can effectively correlate learning to business outcomes

Make Content a Strategy

By creating and presenting learning content in small chunks, instructors can measure interaction in more meaningful ways.

Bring content into context

  • Who is interacting with your content?
    • Learners
    • Visits
    • Sessions
  • How do they navigate content?
    • Devices
    • Applications
    • Search terms
  • What is their takeaway?
    • Ratings
    • Comments
    • Shares
  • How do you navigate them to the next learning object?

Make Content Personal to the Learner

Tracking a learner’s department and job title is already a top priority among instructors, but certain factors help designers craft significantly more relevant and effective content, including:

  • Office location
  • Employee experience level
  • Learning style

Let Data Drive Your Learning Content Strategy

Storing learning data in a central location fuels faster and smarter decisions. Large corporations may have as many as 7 separate systems for HR data alone.

Sharper insights into actual content performance helps teams move beyond a pass-fail mentality and continuously refine learning objects that align with business objectives.

The Big Picture Perspective

  • Productivity and Alignment: number of learning objects created and approved
  • Efficiency: number of outputs published and objects in use/reuse
  • Engagement: course completions, assessment results, learner feedback
  • Effectiveness: behavior changes and business result correlations

Got Content Problems?

If your content management challenges feel overwhelming, we can help.

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