White Paper: How To Design for Reuse

Here are two great resources from Xyleme to help you build your content with reuse in mind!

Often there is a lack of consistency in learning organizations stemming from each unit with their own set of standards leading to a different learner experience and look & feel. And then, organizations are multiplying that content by creating it in different outputs, i.e. instructor guides, elearning, Word documents, PowerPoint, etc. and content just explodes exponentially. In order to use mobile, content developers need to break up content into smaller pieces and embed that in more places, making content difficult to maintain. Then, you translate that content into 10 different languages. Congratulations you are now part of the Content Overload Club! This is not a desirable state to be.

Reuse is, at its most basic form, taking content and using it elsewhere. The first step in this journey of designing training content for reuse is to write structured content. This is the foundation that will support everything else.

Why is Designing Training Content for Reuse Important?

  1. Improves content quality by allowing more time spent on writing content
  2. Increases speed to market/delivery
  3. Lowers production costs (for the same reasons it improves content quality!)

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