White Paper: Great Organizations Start with Great Learning Content

Learning has changed significantly, even within the last 5 to 10 years. Learning organizations are more technologically equipped, but theyre asked to do more with less staff. Adding to the pressures of having to do more with less, businesses are demanding more responsive, more agile, and better-performing learning organizations overall.

Although organizations expect greatness from their corporate learning programs, most just arent there yet. Some arent there by a long shot. While the list of explanations and excuses is long, there have been mismanaged priorities driven by both the business and the learning organization that have led to these expectations being missed.

More than two-thirds of companies in Bersin by Deloittes global learning survey see evolving their learning practices as urgent or important, yet only 6 percent believe they have mastered the content and technology capabilities needed to make online learning an accessible tool and a compelling experience for their employees. That 60 percent divide between prioritization and the reality of todays corporate learning programs isnt going away anytime soon.

Some of those mismanaged priorities come down to heavy investment in learning management systems (LMS). The LMS has been sold as the end-all, be-all of your learning technology stack with new or upgraded features every few years. Other new technologies and strategies, like MOOCs, crowdsourcing, gamificiation, and social learning, become shiny distractions from the real problem: the lack of engaging learning content that drives results.

Learning content is the heart of your learning organization. Were big believers in these technologies (even the beleaguered LMS) when you have the content in place to make them successful. But most organizations arent there yet, or they have great content thats not structured in a way to take advantage of learning technologies.

In this whitepaper, were going to cover how toset your learning content free to drive the results your organization needs from you. Well hit:

  • Common failures that come from over-relying on an LMS
  • The dangers of not getting content right
  • Why better content matters
  • How to create smart, sustainable content

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