White Paper: 6 Best Practices to Effectively Deliver Mobile Learning Content

Learning Organizations Aren’t Prepared for the Mobile Workforce

Todays workforce is becoming more mobile and flexible than ever before. More and more, employees are allowed or asked to work from wherever, and whenever, they are, which means L&D departments need to understand how to deliver mobile learning content more effectively.

But there is a big gap between mobile work and mobile learning trends. According to Brandon Hall Group, only 10 percent of organizations indicate a high use of mobile learning, and Bersin by Deloitte found that only 12 percent of training assets are mobile enabled.

Only 25% of Companies Feel Comfortable with Today’s Digital Learning Environment

Mobile Learning is within reach

If youre considering increasing the flexibility of your learning program with mobile learning content, youre not alone. According to Brandon Hall Group, a significant percentage of companies will increase their focus on mobile learning initiatives within the next 12 months. Most of them will need help, too.

We have developed this list of the SIX BEST PRACTICES for taking your learning content mobile to help you start thinking about what it takes to GO MOBILE THE RIGHT WAY.

  1. Create Small, Reusable Content
  2. Make Content Searchable
  3. Create an Ecosystem for Learning
  4. Consider Your Mobile Deployment Approach
  5. Centralize Content for Learning Delivery
  6. Stop Thinking Your LMS is the Center of Learning

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