5 Defining Characteristics of a Next Gen LCMS

Learning organizations understand that they must evolve with the rapidly changing modern learning ecosystem.  

Much like traditional Instructor Lead Training (ILT) and eLearning courses aren’t going anywhere, Learning Content Management Systems (LCMSs) are here to stay. But as the preferences of modern learners continue to change, the?tools of the modern learning organization must keep up.

It may be time to think about adding a Learning Content Management System (LCMS) to your learning ecosystem to meet the business challenges of the future.

A traditional LCMS solves a lot of business problems:

  • Makes it easier to find source files.
  • Reduces?content development and maintenance time.
  • Allows users to create derivative works from the same learning objects.
  • Makes it easier to avoid duplicating content.
  • Allows users to search and find content.
  • Allows users to implement advanced version control and audit trails.
  • Eliminates time spent packaging and unpackaging content for translation.

While these features are all critically important, they no longer go far enough to fully meet the needs of the modern learning organization.

From a business perspective, traditional Learning Content Management Systems (LCMSs) must expand their capabilities in order to provide enough efficiency and actionable business insights to help meet tomorrow’s business challenges.

Enter the Next Generation LCMS.  

While LCMSs have been around for a while, the next generation of LCMSs take content management to a new level, allowing organizations to easily and effectively author, publish, manage, deliver and analyze even the most complex learning content, all in one place.  

That?s because today’s modern learner demands more and so do modern content management and business intelligence teams.   

Here are five defining characteristics of a Next Gen LCMS: 

1. Supports modern outputs designed to allow novices to build their depth of knowledge and experts to scan for what they need. 

2. Focuses on distribution and learner experience allowing you to distribute content from a single source and integrate content into the flow of work without creating a maintenance nightmare. 

3. Supports agile content development processes, empowering your team work more efficiently. 

4. Tracks learner consumption data & identifies actionable trends with powerful dashboards. 

5. Facilitates exporting of LRS data so it can be combined with other business data to paint a complete ROI story. 

Traditional LCMS vs. Next Gen LCMS Checklist

But, as any learning and development professional can tell you, it’s not just about features and functions. When exploring LCMS solutions, the vendor is as important as the technology itself. Learning organizations should seek out a long-term partner that provides:

  • Systems that scale built on the latest technologies. 
  • An industry-leading engineering culture. 
  • A demonstrated commitment to innovation based on customer feedback. 
  • A knowledgeable Support Team that?s readily available to meet with you to resolve issues and brainstorm solutions as needed. 
  • World-class consultants who can help you reimagine your design and development process and build scalable solutions. 
  • An active user community to engage with and share best practices. 
  • A dedicated Services Team available to help you meet your unique content creation and output needs (it’s XML, after all). 

If your content management team is struggling to maintain your proprietary content efficiently and effectively, it?s time to start exploring a Next Gen LCMS.

Xyleme?is proud to provide the industry-leading Next Gen LCMS, making it easy for organizations to author, deliver, manage, track, and analyze even the most complex learning content libraries.

Want to learn more about how Xyleme helps modern learning organizations reimagine the way they create and manage content??

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