5 Common Content Challenges Associations Face

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5 Common Content Challenges Associations Face

Creating a powerful learning experience for your members starts with great content. Here are 5 common learning content challenges that associations face, and solutions to help you overcome those challenges.

1. Creating a Personalized, Blended Learning Experience for Members

Current strategic use of personalized learning:

  • 48% – Sometimes
  • 36% – Most of the time
  • 10% – All of the Time
  • 6% – None

The Problem

Your members can’t easily dedicate days to classroom training anymore. The modern learner wants your information in multiple formats, on any device, at any given time, whenever and wherever they want it.

The Solution

Modernize how you author, publish, and deliver content. Using a content management tool that allows you to author content once and publish to many outputs with a single click allows your team to develop many assets and outputs quickly and efficiently.

2. Keeping Up With Nonstop Content and Regulation Changes

53% of associations that use learning technology say that it has increased their net revenue.

The Problem

Giving members access to current information in real-time is imperative. The challenge that associations face today is maintaining content changes, especially around continual regulation and compliance changes.

The Solution

Develop content for reuse. Developing your content with reuse in mind is the best way to accomplish efficiency. Author content, use the same content in all outputs, then when a modification needs to happen, the change only needs to be made once.

3. Being Prepared for Future Learning Needs

In the next 5 years, mobile learning is anticipated to grow by 12%, but only 12% of content is mobile ready today.

The Problem

Many associations build content for the now, not thinking about future needs and what outputs their learners might want down the road. This lack of future planning makes associations vulnerable to being behind when there is a new need for content or a new output.

The Solution

By developing content in a single-source environment, associations can ealisy adapt to new outputs and scale effortlessly. Many associations have not yet transitioned to mobile-friendly content and if content was developed in a universal language, such as xml, transitioning to mobile-ready content would be seamless.

4. Inefficient Content Creation

Creating content isn’t always a challenge, but creating content efficiently? Definitely a big one.

The Problem

Content creation teams have many authors and versioning can be a content challenge. Production time is slowed if authoring can’t be done collaboratively.

The Solution

Collaborative authoring in a cloud-based tool breaks down development silos and allows teams to complete smaller projects faster. Having content stored in a central platform lets content be simultaneously checked in and out, previewed, edited, and reviewed. This enables parallel project development to optimize collaboration and improve time to market.

5. Gaining a Clear Understanding of What Content is Effective, and What Is Not

Only a small percentage of associations are tracking what learning content is being viewed, for how long, and how.

The Problem

If associations do not analyze their content data then they are unaware of how their members prefer to consume content, and what content is working and what content is not. Associations will lose valuable members without continually optimizing their content.

The Solution

Analyze data to improve the learning experience for members. When associations take the time to see what content is working and what isn’t, content developers can then modify either the content or outputs to adapt to to the learners’ needs and enhance their learning experience.

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