Shared Content is Active Content

From the Blog Series: How to Create Content for the Modern Learner In this series, guest blogger Cristine Lipscomb provides actionable advice on how to make this shift to modern learning content. Blog #3: Shared Content is Active Content Managing learning content fortodays learners is a challenge for most L&D organizations because it means they […]

5 Reasons Bite-Sized Learning Helps Retention

Many studies show the more direct we are in our approach to learning, the greater the depth and length of retention. More specifically, the clearer we make our learning, the easier it becomes for someone to remember. So the clear path to learning is making it simple. And making it simple means breaking it down […]



I was introduced recently to a new buzz word making its way across the learning & development industry: Micro-learning. If youre like me, youre probably starting to get a bit tired of people adding their particular spin to learning all in search of the holy grail that is the right way to make learning […]