Ford Motor Company: Driving a 75% Reduction in Translation Costs

CUSTOMER STORIES Ford Motor Company’s Finance Division partnered with Xyleme in late 2018 to improve & streamline content creation & translation management for more than 5,000 learners and five languages.  75% Reduction in translation costs 50% Reduction in translation time OVERVIEW Ford Motor Company is the second-largest automotive manufacturer in the United States and fifth-largest […]

How Xyleme Impacts Your Bottom Line

Managing complex content libraries for diverse audiences brings a range of significant challenges, from time-consuming content creation and maintenance, content trapped in restrictive formats, to the inability to personalize content at scale and a lack of actionable user and content performance data. Xyleme’s industry-leading content management solutions help regional, national and global organizations overcome even […]

Common Content Management Problems

content management

Most organizations serving complex content libraries to diverse audiences struggle with at least a few of these common content management challenges. Is your organization one of them? Do your teams spend a significant amount of time creating content and keeping it in sync? Regardless of the format (HTML5, web pages & portals, IoT apps, chat […]

Must-have Features of a ‘Next Gen’ LCMS


Today’s learning ecosystem is evolving at an increasingly rapid pace, and learning organizations are now expected to effectively support:  Multiple ways for learners to access content in and out of an LMS,  Multiple output types (courses, job aids, coaching guides, discussion guides),  Content personalization across multiple audiences and languages  Companies who have already adopted a Learning Content Management System (LCMS) have an easier time addressing these challenges. Their LCMS allows them […]