5 Common Content Challenges Associations Face

Embed this Graphic Embed this infographic on your website by copying and pasting the code below into the HTML of your website or blogpost 5 Common Content Challenges Associations Face Creating a powerful learning experience for your members starts with great content. Here are 5 common learning content challenges that associations face, and solutions to […]

3 Ways to Faster and Better Learning Content

Xyleme and Principled Technologies talk about a customer project that they delivered in half the time. They offer three ways to shorten your development time: collaboration, job roles and templates.     To gain access to the webinar, please fill out this form:

Which is More Important: Quality of Content or the End-User Experience?

Cisco Systems Provides a Road Map to Their Learners Success In a recent webinar hosted by Xyleme, networking infrastructure giant Cisco Systems Inc. discussed some of the challenges they are currently facing educating their modern learners on using Ciscos products. Todays learners have forced an evolution of the way education is distributed and received; learners […]

Great Organizations Start with Great Learning Content

Learning has changed significantly, even within the last 5 to 10 years. Learning organizations are more technologically equipped, but theyre asked to do more with less staff. Adding to the pressures of having to do more with less, businesses are demanding more responsive, more agile, and better-performing learning organizations overall. Although organizations expect greatness from […]

How To Design for Reuse

Here are two great resources from Xyleme to help you build your content with reuse in mind! Often there is a lack of consistency in learning organizations stemming from each unit with their own set of standards leading to a different learner experience and look & feel. And then, organizations are multiplying that content by […]

Making the Business Case for Learning Content Management

Introduction: Why Learning Content Is Strategic Content is the backbone of learning. Without the right pieces in place, your learning efforts no matter how well intentioned will fall flat. Were probably preaching to the choir, though. As a learning professional, you understand the value and benefits of a solid learning content strategy better […]

6 Steps to Reduce Content Overload

Learning content has never been easier to create It is true that creating learning content comes with its own sets of challenges, but the plethora of tools available today have made authoring somewhat easier. What is not getting easier, however, is information overload for the learner. Organizations with the ability to easily create content on […]