How to Reduce Redundant Learning Content

Redundant content is a business issue that costs organizations significant time, money and productivity. This blog from Stuart Grossman, VP Customer Training at Xyleme, discusses practical ways to combat this problem and reduce business risk through reuse. Content Design Standard instructional design approaches coupled with structured writing practices go a long way toward creating flexible, […]

How To Design for Reuse

Here are two great resources from Xyleme to help you build your content with reuse in mind! Often there is a lack of consistency in learning organizations stemming from each unit with their own set of standards leading to a different learner experience and look & feel. And then, organizations are multiplying that content by […]

Shared Content is Active Content

From the Blog Series: How to Create Content for the Modern Learner In this series, guest blogger Cristine Lipscomb provides actionable advice on how to make this shift to modern learning content. Blog #3: Shared Content is Active Content Managing learning content fortodays learners is a challenge for most L&D organizations because it means they […]

6 Steps to Reduce Content Overload

Learning content has never been easier to create It is true that creating learning content comes with its own sets of challenges, but the plethora of tools available today have made authoring somewhat easier. What is not getting easier, however, is information overload for the learner. Organizations with the ability to easily create content on […]

6 Best Practices to Effectively Deliver Mobile Learning Content

Learning Organizations Aren’t Prepared for the Mobile Workforce Todays workforce is becoming more mobile and flexible than ever before. More and more, employees are allowed or asked to work from wherever, and whenever, they are, which means L&D departments need to understand how to deliver mobile learning content more effectively. But there is a big […]