Compare Xyleme to other CMSs

How are Xyleme and other content management systems different? Content management is a broad topic and there are many systems out there. It can be a bit confusing. All CMSs aim to help you with centralization, organization, access and versioning of content. Some are suited for specific types of content, models and strategies.   View […]

Which is More Important: Quality of Content or the End-User Experience?

Cisco Systems Provides a Road Map to Their Learners Success In a recent webinar hosted by Xyleme, networking infrastructure giant Cisco Systems Inc. discussed some of the challenges they are currently facing educating their modern learners on using Ciscos products. Todays learners have forced an evolution of the way education is distributed and received; learners […]

Too Much Content, Too Little Time

Creating learning content is too easy OK, lets back up a bit. Creating new corporate training content comes with a unique set of challenges, but in the past decade, the tools and capabilities necessary to create modes of learning content have improved dramatically. Technology has evolved across the learning ecosystem and now many rapid-authoring and […]

Great Organizations Start with Great Learning Content

Learning has changed significantly, even within the last 5 to 10 years. Learning organizations are more technologically equipped, but theyre asked to do more with less staff. Adding to the pressures of having to do more with less, businesses are demanding more responsive, more agile, and better-performing learning organizations overall. Although organizations expect greatness from […]

Learning Delivery: Meeting The Modern Learner Where They Are Part I

In this 27 minute webinar, part 1 of a 2 part series, Xyleme will have a conversation with Cristine Lipscomb (Duckworth), partner in the Chapman Alliance, about how and where learners learn. Like she does with her many clients from a variety of industries, she will address the big picture questions like how do we […]

How to Create Content to Attract the Modern Learner

In this webinar, How to Create Content to Attract the Modern Learner,Michael Rochelle, Chief Strategy Officer at Brandon Hall Group, and Leslie Farinella, VP of Customer Success at Xyleme, discussthe move to informal learning and the role of content management. Several key takeaways include the importance of micro-learning and the value thatLCMS’s offer by being […]