How to Transform Learning at Business Speed

What do Dell and T-Mobile have in common? Both tech companies are hyper-focused[1] on strategy that improves their core business longevity and growth. And both have selected Xyleme as their technology partner to help transform learning through effective content. It stands to reason. They both have rapidly evolving products, huge customer service organizations, and visionary […]

Reimagining Learning Content at Paychex

When learning content is strategic to your business, as it is to Paychex, how do you evolve your content strategy and management practices to maximize efficiency and alignment? In this webinar hear about key concepts of single source authoring and publishing, and how to turn your content into reusable business assets that improve business results. […]

The Princeton Review – A Case Study in Scalable Learning Content

If you were born in the last 50 years and went to college, then you have probably used content and services from The Princeton Review at least once. Michael Bleyhl, VP, Product Technology of The Princeton Review discusses their unique business challenges, solution design, key integration strategies as well as his vision for the future […]

Effective Single Sourcing Transforms Information Builders Customer Education Process

How do you get 5 course developers to do the work of an army? In this session, Emily Duensing, Sr. Manager of Curriculum Development and Andy Nivison, VP of Customer Education at Information Builders, share how single-sourcing has transformed the way they author, publish and deliver critical learning content to their customers.     To […]