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Summit Delivers PEAK Network with Xyleme


“The Experience API (Tin-Can) Learning Record Store (LRS), coupled with our Learning Browser delivers performance support learning assets right inside the learner’s workflow.”

— Ron Myers, CEO, Summit Learning and Technology


PEAK Network by SummitLT: from concept to reality in 15 months


The Situation: Summit Seeks Modern LCMS

Summit had a vision to create the best online learning platform for businesses, instructors and learners. Following an agile process, they developed PEAK Network, the Professional Education and Academic Knowledge Network, built on top of Xyleme’s open LCMS to make teaching and learning a technical software application seamless in today’s multichannel environment.


The Solution: Xyleme is the Backbone for Learning

They wanted their content and experience to:

  • Make learning more accessible to learners when and where they needed it
  • Drive retention by offering multiple modalities from the same source content
  • Create a seamless experience for instructors and learners across any device
  • Build a publishing system with the flexibility of Print-on-Demand where every piece of learning content could be published and distributed instantly, making it easy-to-find, easy-to-buy, easy-to-use, and easy-to-grow
  • Provide the instructor with tools that remove traditional content delivery and presentation constraints, enabling them to connect with their learners in the MOST engaging way


The Xyleme backbone coupled with the Summit vision and talented development team would allow them to design and implement the PEAK solution in 15 months.

The Future: Personalized Learning and Tracking

The Summit team continues to add user-centric features to their platform to deliver amazing learning experiences. For example, they are working on a complete digital badging solution so that learners can easily track and share their technical credentials. The sky is the limit with Xyleme and Summit!

“When the regulations changed last year, we quickly located [content] everywhere that needed to be updated. That alone saved us hundreds of hours of work and gave us the confidence that we didn’t miss anything.”
Ann Gambaro
Director of Education Content Development | MBA Education | Mortgage Bankers Association


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